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Monday, January 2, 2012

A little crafting!

Well, a Happy New Year to everyone!  I didn't do much of anything yesterday except, sleep, craft, letter write and in the evening I took a break to watch a DVD, "Letters to Juliet".  Have any of you seen this sweet movie?  I LOVED it!  Well, I'm in love with Italy anyway but the story was also so romantic.  I hardly have time to watch DVDs anymore.  Sigh!  Anyhow, take a look at some of the decos and entries I've done in the photos below.
A "Puppies and Kittens" deco I made for a swap partner.
A "Forever Friends" deco I made for the same swap partner.
A "Cute Characters" deco I made, once again for the same swap partner.
An entry I made for a deco with the theme"Vintage Angels".
Another entry I made in a "Anything 1920's" deco.
Another entry I made in a "Vintage Spring" deco.
I also ended up doing a little shopping this past week, just a few things: stickers, ice skate brads, vintage tags, heart buttons and some pretty papers I couldn't resist.
And to finish off my post today I wanted to show you what winter looks like here these days, on my street.  Last night it was pouring rain and it looks more like spring than winter, which is fine by me.  It's just so unusual for us.  I bought ice skates for Noah a few days ago thinking he could ice skate at an outdoor rink near our home but I don't think it's going to happen just yet.  The rink is really nice too, with lights lit at night and music playing.  Oh well!  Be back soon my friends!


  1. Aww...All you have done look pretty!! I cant choose any, I love all your crafts! I havent watched that movie, but if it is about letters I'm sure I would like it! Have you seen "Message in a bottle"?, it has something to do with letters too..
    I'm happy you are on vacation! Let's go to Michael's haha..I wish we lived closer!
    Hugs my dear friend!