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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Weekend in New Hampshire!

I'm back with a post about my weekend in New Hampshire with my friend Molly and family.  :)  Noah and I had such a fabulous time and it was rather relaxing.  We had planned to spend Saturday in Boston but then Molly's daughter Jadira wasn't feeling well so instead we went shopping and to "Chucky Cheese" for lunch.  We also went to the "Pumpkin Festival".  Let me share my weekend in photos.

Here is Noah in the evening at the "Pumpkin Festival".  We only stayed about an hour because it was so incredibly crowded.  It was also quite cool and drizzled a little.  However, it was so nice to see all of the carved pumpkins, especially all lit.  It's always so magical.

There were so many pumpkins and I wish I had been able to look at them more closely.

Bringing carved pumpkins to the festival, from left to right, Jadira, Noah, Molly and Diego.

When we got home Diego made us some delicious perpermint hot chocolate.

The kids had a wonderful time at "Chucky Cheese".  We had lunch there and the kids played with games and had fun in the entertainment area.  I think this type of place is wonderful for families but unfortunately we don't have any in the Sherbrooke area.  This bicycle was so cool.  When you peddled it went up in the air.  Noah loved it.  :)

Noah, Jadira and Diego playing a game.  You throw balls at targets on the screen.  Even I had fun playing this one.  I'm really not very good at these games.  When the game was over you got tickets and then you could exchange them for small prizes.

At the mall Noah wanted to make a stuffed animal at "Build A Bear" and chose this rabbit.

And, then it was my turn to have fun with shopping.  At "Barnes & Nobles" I found some pretty Halloween and all occasion note cards by "Punch Studio".  I also bought a mini book titled "Scaredy Cats".  It's really cute.

At the "Pumpkin Festival" there were craft vendors so Noah and I bought some yummy fudge (not pictured as we ate it all) and this star filled with such nice smelling spices.  Oh my goodness, it smells so nice I could sniff it all day long.

Back at the mall now.  We went to the "Disney" store which was so nice.  You just feel like skipping as soon as you enter the store.  Noah wasn't crazy about the loud music though so we didn't stay long.  The store is so nicely decorated and we just had to buy something.  We each chose a Christmas ornament which to me were a good price, 2 for $18.00.  And, the best thing about New Hampshire, no sales tax.  Yay!  In Quebec we pay 14% sales tax on everything.

Right across from "Disney" was the "Sanrio" store and I must admit I was a little disappointed.  I had expected more paper products and stickers but I did manage to find some things.

At "Michael's" I found quite a bit of things as always (photos, above and below).

Then we also went to "Hobby Lobby" (photo below) which I absolutely loved.  I just loved the doll and had to buy it to decorate for Christmas.  One of my cats, Subaru, thought it was for him as I found him playing with it so I had to put it away for safe keeping.  With Noah it was more difficult to look around but next time I'll spend more time browsing as I'll be on my own.

And, above are a few things I found at "Walmart".  So, there you have it.  Hope you've enjoyed a peek into my weekend and shopping.  :)

Monday, October 24, 2011

Weekend preview & last week's mail!

Hello friends!  Last weekend Noah and I went to New Hampshire, USA to visit my friend Molly and family.  We had a wonderful time with them.  We did quite a bit of shopping and went to the Pumpkin Festival which was soooooooooo crowded.  Anyhow, I'll be back tomorrow with a post on our weekend and shopping goodies.  I want to post about last week's mail first but take a look at these sweet pumpkins from the festival.
I received the most beautifully handmade card from my friend Rosita from Finland.  I was so surprised to see they had a Halloween postage stamp since they don't even celebrate it in Finland.  We celebrate it here but don't have any Halloween postage stamps.  Finland always has some of the most pretty and unique postage stamps.

I received another pretty Halloween card and chocolate from Molly this weekend.

I also received this great Halloween surprise from a group swap.

These beautiful Vintage Halloween FBs come from the same partner.
"Country Companions" and "Pap Vintage" decos from another group swap.

"Vintage Family" deco from the same partner.

"Vintage Brides" decos and an extra from another partner.

"Anything Goes" FBs from another partner.

"All for our angels" FBs from another partner.

A beautiful enveloppe with two ATCs inside.

A FB homer I received.  I don't get them very often so it was nice.

This has been the most frustrating post I've done so far because of Blogger.  I don't know why it hasn't allowed me to write where I want, the photos moved over while writing although they were supposed to be to the left.  I guess blogger doesn't know what left means. And, other things happening. Hopefully it will post normally.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

On a lazy Sunday...

I started the day by napping with the cats, Subaru and Mustang.  Lucky me I slept until 11:00 am while Noah and Jeffrey watched TV.

I did a little baking.  I made some delicious apple crisp and

some brand muffins to take with me to work for breakfast.  I often have no time to feed myself after making Noah's lunch and getting myself ready in the mornings.  Stopping at the bakery everyday for something to eat gets pricey after a few weeks.

Then it was time for some crafting on my messy craft table.  I have a very tiny space to work on.

Here is one of the decos I created and actually really like.

I also made some materials for the classroom.  This is a parts of the body booklet in French.  

And, onto some letter writing.  I've been in such a writing mood these days.

And, last but not least to end my post, this week's mail.  I received this great letter from my friend Andrea from England.  It's so nice to write to a fellow cat lover.  We write a lot about our cats and their antics.  I love the Vintage Halloween postcard.

A couple of swaps I received from the same partner: "Harry Potter" and "Anything Cats" FBs.

Another great letter from my friend Karena from New Zealand.

And, an ATC supply swap.

I hope to post again before Friday but if not it'll have to wait until next Sunday.  Noah and I are visiting Molly and family next weekend.  We're hoping to spend Saturday in Boston and also go to the Pumpkin Festival if the weather agrees.  Have a nice week everyone!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Wool Festival & mail!

It's been such a gorgeous weekend here and I'm loving it. It's Canadian Thanksgiving and I am so thankful for a three day weekend. :) On Saturday my mother and I had breakfast and went shopping although I didn't really buy much. Then yesterday Jeffrey, Noah and I went to a wool festival. The location for the festival is actually an old wool mill turned museum. It was very interesting to visit and the grounds are beautiful. Below are some scenes of the wool mill and its grounds.

These little sheep were being shorn while we were there.

Noah and I in front of the entrance and gift shop.

Noah and Jeffrey in front of part of the mill.

Here I am sitting at the desk in the office of the mill.

There were also artisans selling their wares made of wool and other trinkets. This artist made some of the most beautiful handbags. I was really tempted to buy one but I already have so many handbags.

More artisans on the outside of the mill.

Along the paths we saw some alpacas. I just love these guys. :)

I did make a few purchases, I couldn't resist. Ha! Ha!

Some lavender soap and delicious mango chutney. We had such a lovely day at the wool festival. It was nice to do something as a family again.
And, now onto some creating and mail news. Here is a "Vintage French Ad" deco I made a couple of weeks ago for a group swap.

And, another deco for a group swap with the theme "Suzy Zoo".

I've had a really fantastic mail week with many letters from friends. Below is a letter from my friend Laura from Romania. She sent papers, embellishments, decos and a beautiful necklace with a cameo (upper right corner) as a birthday present. Wow! I was so surprised and honoured she would send such a lovely gift.

I also received a nice swap of fall coloured art supplies.

A wonderful letter from my friend Judy from England along with some lovely extras.

From my lovely friend Rosita from Finland I received a sweet letter and some of my favourite craft supplies from Tilda and also Matryoshka doll stickers.

A letter from a friend I had lost touch with, Sharon from Netherlands.

A letter, photos and FBs from my bestest friend Molly from New Hampshire whom I will visit sometime this month.

I received this "Animals of the Forest" deco, plus extra from a swap partner.

A wonderful letter, FBs and stickers from my friend Tomomi from Japan.

Another wonderful letter and FBs from my friend Susi from Austria.

Another birthday present and card from my dear friend Gaby from Germany.

And, that's it for now. Today will be a day of letter writing and swaps. Enjoy your day! :)