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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

It's been a while!

Hi all!  It's been quite a while since I have posted.  I had a post planned but then I couldn't download any of my photos because apparently blogspot told me I had used up all of my free photo space.  If I want to post photos I have to either delete old blog posts or pay a monthly fee.  I'm not too keen on paying a monthly fee so I'm not sure I'll continue with blogging.  I still look at everyone's blogs and I do miss keeping mine though.  What to do?????????
I'm doing well, it's been busy with the holidays but at least I'm off work from the music school until January 14th.  We had a beautiful Christmas and I certainly hope you all did as well.  :)
Happy New Year to all!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Where's Waldo?

Hello All!  Yesterday was Halloween and it was a wet one.  The entire day was cloudy and then when it was time to go out Trick or Treating it started pouring.  Not so fun but these are the sacrifices we do for our children, walking in the pouring rain for treats.  Noah came home with a bag full of candy and chips.  He was happy.
He dressed up as "Waldo" from the book series "Where's Waldo?".  I tried to take photos at different homes during Trick or Treating despite the rain.
Some spooky Jack'O'Lanterns.
And, now it's November 1st, time to get the Christmas stuff out. 

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Incoming mail!

Hello all!  Hope you're all having a nice weekend!  The weather here is quite mild.  I even have the doors open to let in some air.  The cats are thrilled of course to sniff the fresh air.  In three days it'll be Halloween and hopefully we'll have some nice weather although the forecast calls for rain.  It would seem the huge "Frankenstorm" will not affect us very much.  :)  I've had a very happy mail week.  My mailbox has been rather full everyday which has been nice.  Unfortunately though I haven't been able to answer many letters or do any crafting due to pain in my lower back again.  It's really annoying.  I can hardly sleep at night.  Today I bought a special belt to wear and it's supposed to help reduce the pain.  I'm hoping it works.  Anyway, onto the mail.
I received this gorgeous Halloween card from my friend Rosita from Finland.  She always makes the most beautiful cards.
Take a look at the pretty postage stamps Rosita put on her envelope.  Finland always has beautiful stamps.
I received this wonderful letter from my friend Lone from Germany.  She used such cute Halloween paper for her letter too.  She also included photos, postcards and decos.  I love the Halloween postcard (bottom right).
Another great letter I received from my friend Saara from Finland.
A "Snoopy" deco I received from a group swap partner.
Another letter from my sweet friend Beate from Norway.  She also included some FBs.
Take a look at this beautiful rubber stamped deco from a group swap partner.
Another lovely letter from my friend Maria from Finland.
A wonderful selection of decos from a group swap partner.
More decos and some pretty sheets of paper from another group swap partner.
More decos from another group swap partner.
More lovely decos from another group swap partner.  I guess I have quite a few decos to keep me busy.
And, now I'm off to hang some laundry outside and then take a nap.  Hopefully I can sleep a little.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

A sad week in mail!

Hello all!  Well, last week was not a good one for the mail and this one is not looking any better so far.  Opening my mailbox is one of the highlights of my day so when there is nothing fun in it I am hugely disappointed.  Oh well, such is life I guess!  These days I've been feeling rather blah and I think it's due to the crappy weather.  Perhaps in another life I was an animal who hibernated.  I feel I am most alive between the months of May and October.  These days I have felt like staying in and snuggling with a comfy blanket.  The cats always look so comfy sleeping on the bed.  Sigh!  Anyhow, the little mail I did get last week was wonderful.  But, first, let me show you a few decos I have made recently.
A "Tilda" deco for a group swap partner.  I LOVE "Tilda" designs.
I LOVE Magnolia's "Tilda" too.  I made these two decos another group swap partner.
I received a wonderful letter, HQFBs, stationary and flower embellishments (belated birthday presents) and cute mini note papers from my friend Aida from Malaysia.
I received this pretty postcard from my friend Tanya from Australia.
I also received these two lovely Halloween cards.
And, I leave you with a photo of Subaru napping.  He always has his paws crossed like a little gentleman.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Mail, this and that!

Hello all!  It is a beautiful Monday with lot's of sunshine.  It is Canadian Thanksgiving but here in Quebec it is not really celebrated.  Quebec often likes to be different from the rest of Canada.  Anyhow, I went to my friend Molly's this weekend, from Friday to Sunday and had a wonderful time. I needed the change of scenery.  We did lot's of shopping and just relaxed.  I bought quite a few things; English books which are almost impossible to find here in Sherbrooke, craft supplies, clothes and other trinkets.  I've been so busy these past two weeks so it's been nice to have three days off from work.  Here's the latest in mail:
I received these two beautiful decos, "Mary Englebreit" and "Matryoshka Dolls" from my friend and group swap partner Kirsten from Germany.  I absolutely LOVE them.
My lovely friend Kimie from Vancouver, Canada sent me these nice things for my birthday.
Kimie and I were also paired for a swap and this is the pretty deco she made and sent me.
My friend Ioanna from Greece sent me this lovely letter and pretty birthday card.
I received this lovely "Sunflower" ATC (to the right) along with extras from a group swap partner.
A wonderful letter I received from my friend Lieve from Belgium.  She also sent stickers and an ink stamp.
Another pretty ATC, this time themed "Postage Stamps" (bottom right) with a few extras from a group swap partner.
My sweet friend Laura from Romania made and sent me these BEAUTIFUL earrings for my birthday.  The cat card is also cute.
I love this swap of decos Merel sent me.  She made the beautiful pink "Lace" themed one on the left.
I received this postcard from Germany.  It was sent by my friend Nicole (from the USA) who was visiting my other friend Lone who lives in Germany.
Here's a letter, FBs and stationary from my friend Patrizia from Italy.
An "Autumn" themed deco sent by a group swap partner.
A fun Halloween swap from a group swap partner.
Molly, Jadira, Noah and I before heading out to shop on Saturday morning in New Hampshire, USA.
Here is my buffet with a few more Halloween decorations and some cards I received recently.  The black cat I bought in the USA on the weekend.  I really love him.  I just love Halloween!  Tonight I'll snuggle up on the couch in my writing spot with letters and the cats, drinking some hot chocolate.  Have a good week everyone!

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Homer decos received!

Hello all!  Hope you're all having a lovely weekend.  The weather here is rainy and gray, perfect for letter writing and crafting, reading, movie watching, snuggling on the couch with kitties, etc.  Today I wanted to share some art work from various deco artists.  The first deco is themed "Vintage Bride" which was made by me in September 2011 and has traveled around the world and then made its way back to me.
Artist: me.
Artist: Sari from Finland.
Artists: Isabelle from France (top), Jina from Finland (bottom).
Artist: Sari from Finland.
Artist: Marja from Finland.
Artists: Unknown (top), Marianne from Denmark (bottom).
Artists: Merel from Finland (top), Manuela from Germany (bottom).
The second deco made by me is themed "Vintage Bathing Beauties".  It was made in July/August 2011.
Artist: Me.
Artist: Merel from Finland.
Artists: Manuela from Germany (top), Monica from Sweden (bottom).
Artist: Marianne from Denmark.
Artist: Tuija from Finland.
Artists: Sammy from Ireland (top), Marina from Sweden (bottom).
Be back soon with a mail post.  :)