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Saturday, April 20, 2013

Finally, a mail update!

Hi all!  I know, it's been quite a while, hasn't it?!  Well, in my defense I was sick for the past three weeks.  It started off as a cold and then turned into a sinus infection.  I'm still on antibiotics.  Actually, both Noah and I have been taking antibiotics, he for a throat infection and me for a sinus infection.  The poor boy was feeling all better and now tonight he was blowing his nose like crazy.  Hopefully he's not getting sick again.
So, I am quite behind with everything these days, including the mail.  Here's what I received in the past three weeks:
A really pretty postcard from my friend Molly from USA.  Pickity Place is a restaurant we like to go to for lunch.  It's so pretty there and the food is delicious.  She went there with her mom recently.
A wonderful letter from my great friend Nicole from USA.  Molly and I usually meet up with her for lunch when we go to Pickity Place.  Anyway, Nicole also included lovely photos, a travel report from her trip to Germany, postcards and decos.
Another great letter from my friend Marjolijn from The Netherlands.  She also included an Easter craft kit, stickers and a cute postcard. 
A really pretty letter from my friend Helena from England.
Another really pretty letter from sweet JarieLyn from USA.  I love the way she decorated her envelope.  
A letter, Easter card and FB from my dear friend Agnieska from Poland.
A wonderful letter, travel report, tulip postcard, photo and FBs from my lovely friend Gaby from Germany.
A sweet letter from my friend Maria from Finland.  I love the pretty paper she used for her letter.
Another wonderful letter and photos from my dear friend Reiko from Japan.
This letter comes from Satu from Finland.  There is an interesting story associated to this letter.  Well, Satu and I used to be pals more than 10 years ago but had lost touch.  She found my name and address in a FB and decided to contact me.  How nice!
And, a letter, postcards and stickers from Monica from Italy.
I also received quite a few lovely swaps:
Mary Englebreit note cards, Jolee's French General line of ribbon, K & Company sticky notes.
A pretty "Gardening" themed deco.
AWESOME swap of note cards, stationary, stickers and craft supplies.
Various postcards swap.
Various decos.
More decos.
These two BEAUTIFUL decos made for me.  The themes are: "Famous Landmarks" and "Cute Characters at Winter".
So cute "Vintage Cats" deco.
These decos were made for me and returned because they are full.  The entries are really lovely.
And, that's all.  Time for me to get some sleep just like my furry babies below.