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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Homer decos received!

Hello all!  Hope you're all having a lovely weekend.  The weather here is rainy and gray, perfect for letter writing and crafting, reading, movie watching, snuggling on the couch with kitties, etc.  Today I wanted to share some art work from various deco artists.  The first deco is themed "Vintage Bride" which was made by me in September 2011 and has traveled around the world and then made its way back to me.
Artist: me.
Artist: Sari from Finland.
Artists: Isabelle from France (top), Jina from Finland (bottom).
Artist: Sari from Finland.
Artist: Marja from Finland.
Artists: Unknown (top), Marianne from Denmark (bottom).
Artists: Merel from Finland (top), Manuela from Germany (bottom).
The second deco made by me is themed "Vintage Bathing Beauties".  It was made in July/August 2011.
Artist: Me.
Artist: Merel from Finland.
Artists: Manuela from Germany (top), Monica from Sweden (bottom).
Artist: Marianne from Denmark.
Artist: Tuija from Finland.
Artists: Sammy from Ireland (top), Marina from Sweden (bottom).
Be back soon with a mail post.  :)

Sunday, September 23, 2012

It's time for another mail update!

Well hello all!  It is officially autumn, my favourite season next to summer.  I'm loving the crisp, fresh air and the pretty colours of the changing leaves.  It's been a hectic September with going back to work but I am finally getting into a routine.  I've had a nice mail week and I'm starting to think about Halloween, my favourite holiday next to Christmas.  
I decided to get out some ATCs from my collection.  These were sent to me in various swaps last year.  
I've done a little Autumn/Halloween shopping for pretty papers, stickers, pretty borders and die-cuts.
And now, a little mail talk.
I received this lovely postcard from my friend Lone from Germany.
I received this sweet letter from  my friend Marina from Sweden.  She also included a deco swap (below).
Marina also sent me this "Culinary Creations" deco and "Ocean Life" ATC she made for two swaps.
She also sent this swap of craft supplies.  I am a huge fan of Tilda stuff so you can imagine how thrilled I was with everything.  Yay!
These two decos were sent to me by a group swap partner.
My great friend Maria from USA sent me  a lovely vintage calendar book, scrapbooking paper and stickers for my birthday along with a pretty cupcake card.  She also sent a "Special Delivery" self-inking stamp I had won on her blog.  I love both of the pretty decorated envelopes she made to send everything in.
I received another swap of pretty decos from a group swap partner.  Her name is Manuela from Germany and she is such a talented deco artist.  Check out below the decos she made for me as part of some swaps.
These are absolutely gorgeous and I LOVE them.
Today I bought myself this lovely magazine to cuddle up with tonight right before going to sleep.  I love when all is quiet in the house and I can read in bed.  Of course I'll have the cats by my side I'm sure.  :)  I'll be back in a couple of days to post photos of a couple of decos I have just gotten returned to me.  The entries are lovely.  Have a nice beginning of the week everyone.  

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Another mail update!

Good afternoon all!  Hope you're all having a wonderful weekend!  It's a sunny although chilly day today and I'm enjoying it.  Work is back in full swing so free time is once again limited and I make the best of my weekends.  This past week it was my birthday so I received a lot of mail and lovely little presents from my friends around the world.  
These are my birthday cards.
The many craft supplies I received as presents.
More craft supplies.  I absolutely LOVE the Tilda cut-outs and postage ink stamps.  My friend Rosita sent me all of these beautiful things.  She always spoils me so much.
Here are some of the lovely paper products I received as well.  I also received a pretty bracelet and the desk organizer with some of the wrapping paper I saved as it was too nice to put in the garbage.  I was very careful when opening the presents and Jeffrey joked it would take me all night.
And now, onto some mail news.
I received this postcard from my friend Nicole from Massachusetts, USA.
These postcards I got from a group swap partner.
A lovely  vintage deco I received from a group swap partner.
A wonderful letter from my friend Molly from New Hampshire, USA.  She sent photos, a Dr Seuss card and postcard.
Another great letter from my friend Laura from Romania.  She also included tea, craft supplies and two decos.
A deco swap from my friend Isabelle from France.
Isabelle also sent me some stickers and this vintage deco she made as part of a group swap.
A souvenir from your country swap I received.  Can you guess where my swap partner is from?
Another swap of decos from a group swap partner.
The same swap partner made these two beautiful "Vintage Animals" decos.
I also received a wonderful letter from my friend Reiko from Japan.  She included photos and sent some pretty stationary and stickers for my birthday.
And, there you have it, the week in mail.  :)  Now I'm off to make myself some delicious asparagus cream soup, take care of the laundry and hopefully get a letter or two written.  Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Mail call!

Well, hello all!  It's been a while and that is due to starting up with work again.  It's been a hectic two weeks and I'm happy the weekend is almost here.  I'm slowly getting into the school routine again.  As some of you already know I also have my own business of teaching English as a second language during evenings and Saturday mornings.  Well, my schedule is already full.  Of course I'm thrilled.  :)  I've been so busy though that when I am finished teaching in the evenings I am too tired to do anything else.  Hopefully it will pass and I'll regain my energy once the routine sets in.  Okay, and now onto some mail talk.  
Last week I received a lovely letter from my friend Kirsten from Germany.  We also swap craft supplies and decos (seen in photo below).
I also received a letter from a new friend, well we already knew each other but weren't pals yet, Stephanie from Florida.  She also sent FBs and a swap of craft supplies.
I also received this nice letter and postcard from my friend in France, Christine.
A lovely letter and extras from my friend Sari from Finland.
Another great letter and postcard from my friend Nathalie from Luxembourg.
A pretty deco from a group swap partner.
A very beautiful and lovely letter from my great friend Rosita from Finland.  She included craft supplies and a postcard.
This week I have received a lot of wonderful mail since it was my birthday yesterday.  I'll post about it during the weekend.  :) Now I'm off to bed.  Zzz...

Monday, September 3, 2012

A little mail, a little crafting, a little of life...

Hello all!  Well, it's the end of a beautiful Labour Day weekend and my summer vacation.  I'm not really feeling like going back to work tomorrow morning.  It was supposed to be a fairly easy day but now it's turning into a busy one.  Sigh!  And, so it begins, again.  I wish I had just a few more weeks to myself, but don't we always when it's the end of our vacation?!  It seems I still have letters I want to write, crafting I want to do, more relaxing would be nice and I still haven't organized an office space for myself.  Oh well, time passes and we must move forward!
I didn't receive much mail at all in August but at least I got a lot of letters written.  Here's this week's mail:
I was happy to find this wonderful letter from my friend Maiken from Norway.  She also sent two FBs.
I was also happy to hear from another good friend, Stefanie from Switzerland.  She loves Christmas just as much as I do and we've already started discussing it.
I enjoyed hearing from Sarah from New Zealand as well.
I received this ATC swap with the theme "Vintage Berries".
I also received this "Vintage Housewives" deco from a group swap partner.
I did some deco crafting this weekend which was nice.  I hadn't been in my craft studio in weeks.
A "Vintage Mother's Day" entry.
A "Vintage Fairytales" entry.
A vintage entry.
A "Vintage Portrait" entry.
Last week I had to go into work at the school for a few hours to set up the classroom with Veronique my co-teacher.  We work in a Montessori preschool classroom.  Here are some photos of our classroom.
The Practical Life area.
The Sensoriel area.
The Social Studies and Science areas.
The Language area.
The Math area.
And, that's it for this evening.  I still have a few things to prepare for tomorrow, laundry to take care of, and I would like to answer a letter or two.