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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Last week's mail!

Hi all!  Hope everyone has had a nice week and beginning of spring.  It snowed 30cms here the day before spring so it felt more like the beginning of winter.  Not fun at all!  I'm still struggling with my father's cancer and haven't felt much motivation for anything these days.  I'm so behind on everything it seems.  Last week I had a painting class and it was nice to get out and work on a mixed media art project although I didn't want to go at first.  This week I'll have another class to finish the project and then I'll post a photo of it.  In mail news it was a rather lonely week for my mailbox.
I received this BEAUTIFUL Easter card handmade by my friend Rosita from Finland.
Another Easter card I received from my friend Nicole from USA.  This is a Marjolein Bastin design which I love.
Another beautiful tulip (I love tulips) Easter card from my friend Molly from USA.  She also included a short note, FB, postcard of Vermont and photos from when she came to Sherbrooke for the winter carnival at the beginning of March.  On the photo you can see my husband Jeffrey, our son Noah and I.
A sweet letter and FBs from my dear friend Beate from Norway.
I received a swap of FBs and a pretty peacock deco.
And, I also received this pretty "Cute Characters at Spring" deco from a group swap partner.
See you soon!

Saturday, March 16, 2013

The past week in mail & shopping!

Hello all!  Today I can honestly say I'm feeling better.  I've felt like the walls were closing in on me lately, too many responsibilities.  My good mood could be due to the fact that I had a 4 hour nap this afternoon.  It seems like I really needed that sleep.  Also, it has been sunnier this past week and the days are longer.  I've also had a good mail week and I've sent out quite a few letters in return.  Writing always makes me feel better.  My father is also doing well.  I saw him on Friday and he was in good spirits and full of energy.  So, onto the mail now.
In the past week I received:
A great letter and craft supplies from one of my bestest friends, Rosita from Finland.
Finland has some of the most beautiful postage stamps.
A letter from my sweet friend Isabelle from Switzerland.
A letter and postcard from my dear friend Nathalie from Luxembourg.
A letter and photo of her children from my friend Petra from Austria.
And, a letter and FBs from my friend Ulrica from Sweden.
The swaps I received:
"Cute Characters at Easter" deco.
"All for Marianne" and extra deco.
"Vintage Gypsies" full deco I made returned to me.
A lovely "Magnolia" ATC ("All for Jacqueline" swap), tea bag and craft papers.
"All for Jacqueline" ATC swap.
"Woman wearing a hat" ATC and "All for Jacqueline" ATC.
"All for Jacqueline" ATC and a packet of flowers.
Last weekend Noah and I visited my friend Molly and family in New Hampshire, USA.  We had a great time as usual.  Here are some of the things I found shopping.
This pretty box on sale at Michael's craft store.  I also bought some photo boxes to store penpal photos.  Right now I have them in albums but I don't have enough albums as they fill up quickly.
Tadaa!  The stuff I bought at various craft stores (washi tapes, Mary Englebreit products, 3D stickers, etc).
At the mall there was this Easter decorated area where you could have photos with the Easter bunny. It looked pretty with the flowers and bunnies so I took a photo of Noah in front of the display.
Have a nice end of the weekend everyone!

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Some mail and weekend news!

Hi all!  Hope everyone is having a nice week so far.  Mine is going well and it's been busy.  Last week was also quite busy and emotionally difficult.  I went to the cancer specialist with my father.  It was not an easy appointment at all.  It's painful to hear your father is considered in palative care and that quality of life is what matters most now since there is no cure when the cancer reaches the bones.  It breaks my heart!  My father and I have always been close and I love him dearly.  At least on the weekend my friend Molly and her children were here for a visit so that cheered me up.  And, next weekend Noah and I will visit them.  And now, onto some mail news.  My mailbox has remained fairly empty for the past two weeks except for the following envelopes/postcards:
From my friend Molly from New Hampshire.  I like the saying on the postcard: "She liked imaginary men best of all".  Molly sent this postcard in response to chocolate I sent her in the shape of a man for Valentine's Day.  The box said it was "The Perfect Man" since it was sweet and delightful.
Another piece of mail from Molly.  A pretty Mary Englebreit card and FB.
A pretty card from my dear friend Lone from Germany.
A pretty "Beaches" deco from my friend Kirsten from Germany.
Beautiful art work from a group swap partner (decos: "Vintage Cats", "Cutest Kitties", "Choose theme for next signer", "Suzy Zoo Christmas" and ATC.)
Variety of decos from the same group swap partner.
She also returned this full "Tea Time" deco I made a few years ago.
Two lovely decos, "Vintage People Reading Books" and "Vintage Carousel" from a group swap partner.  I always love this artists work.
She also sent this variety of decos.
That's all of the mail I have received recently.  Last Thursday and Friday, as well as today, there was nothing in the mailbox.  Hopefully tomorrow I'll find some mail in there.
Last weekend while my friend Molly and her children were here we went to the winter carnival which was really fun!
Noah tube sledding.
Molly and her daughter Jadira tube sledding.
Noah, Jadira and I roasting marshmallows.
Noah and Jeffrey eating sugar on snow.  It is so delicious!
Noah and I after having gone on a sleigh ride.