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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

ATCs, Easter & mail!

Well, hello there everyone! I've been busy, busy, busy, as always. I certainly haven't been busy, busy, busy outside because the weather is crappy, crappy, crappy. It has felt more like November than April. Ugh! I'm very fed up with it. However, I remain positive. Life with an autistic child is not always easy either. But, I remain positive, most of the time. And, when I go to my mailbox and find some special mail it REALLY makes my day! :) Here are some of the things I've received this week.

I did an ATC swap with a sweet and talented artist named Natalea ( Our themes were "Grace" and "Hope". I LOVE her ATCs. I have always admired her artwork so I am happy to be swapping with her.

Another artist I have long admired is Sandy at Above is a postcard she created for a postcard swap I joined. You could either make your own or buy an artistic one. On the back we needed to write an inspirational quote. It's a fun and easy swap.

Some Easter cards I made for friends.

Some FBs I made for an Easter themed swap.

A couple of Easter cards I received from some friends. On the right is Susi from Austria's card and the other is Claudia's from Germany.

A wonderful letter from my friend Reiko in Japan who sent some lovely photos as well.

Another wonderful letter from my friend Rosita from Finland. She included some craft supplies and photos. On the bottom left side is an Easter card she made. It is absolutely beautiful as are all of her cards.

And, another wonderful letter from my friend Nicole from the USA. She sent FBs and decos.
I bought a Mixed Media magazine by Somerset Studio that I will happily read tonight and maybe answer a letter. I'll save the crafting for tomorrow. :)

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

ATCs & mail!

It is such a beautiful sunny day out there. I'm loving it! I have the entire day to myself except having to teach the kiddies English late this afternoon. I have a load of laundry in the washing machine which I'll hang outside. I love the freshness of clothes dried outside in the spring. It's just a perfect day! Last night I made my very first ATCs ever so I thought I'd share them with you. The first one is themed "Hope" and the second is "Grace". I'm swapping them with a lady named Natalea who is very talented with anything creative. I love her blog (
I also received a couple of envies in the mail yesterday. A great letter from my friend Kimie from accross the country. I love the decos she sent as well as the FBs. Always nice to read a letter from Kimie.

I also received these Easter FBs as part of a group swap.

Remember this journal I covered? (sorry about the blurry photo) Well, I've been wanting to keep a journal for some time now and I thought this might do the trick. I've been checking out Gracie's ( )journal pages and now I'm totally inspired. I used to look at the journals in a journaling publication by Somerset and I thought I could never be as creative. I still struggle with accepting my creative side. I'll post some pages once I get started. :)

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Animal habitat, mail & cats.

What a gorgeous weekend it has been. The weather has been just perfect. I think spring has finally fought off winter and taken over. Yay! And, I have finally gotten over my cold and other ailments. Double yay! I've had a fairly good week over here, busy as usual. I've started spring cleaning and I've realized it is going to be a BIG task. I also want to do some painting and re-decorating. The decor in this house has been driving me crazy for a while now so time for a change. Isn't it funny how we feel so up for change in spring?! I have some photos I would like to share with you before I start rambling on. He! He! Below is a squirrel's habitat Noah made at school. I think it turned out so nicely and I am a proud mama. You can see the figurine of the squirrel by a pond with fish in the forest. In the sky there is an owl (not seen in photo) waiting to pounce on the squirrel, and then in the bushes a sly fox waiting to feast as well. Cute little story and habitat. :) I received a little mail this week. It's always a pleasure for me to find something fun in my mailbox. When it is empty I feel rather sad and look forward to the next day.
I received such a wonderful letter from my friend Laura from Romania. We swap craft supplies, FBs and decos. I love discovering the little treasures in her enveloppes. Her letters are always such a pleasure to read.

I also received a swap of vintage craft supplies. I love the nice assortment and all will be put to good use.

The same partner also made this vintage themed deco as part of another swap.

I also received this cute Easter card from my friend Lone from Germany. Reminds me I need to get started on my Easter cards.

I found these beautiful Prima flowers on sale at my favourite craft store. I just love them. They are gorgeous.

And, to finish off an adorable photo of my babies Subaru and Mustang. They are sleeping on the washer and dryer. They get comfortable almost anywhere. What sweethearts! Love them!

Have a nice week everyone! :)

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Spring, it is not!

So I've been looking at other blogs where spring has sprung and getting grumpier and grumpier. This is the scene I woke up to this morning. It looks like winter forgot to leave and let spring take over. Grrr... I won't be writing too much here tonight because I have been sick with this cold for two weeks now. Just like winter it doesn't seem to want to leave. Both of my ears are killing me and I have such a sore throat. I can't sleep well at night because I can't breathe. I'm on meds but I'm not sure they're working either. However, thought I'd share some decos/FBs and mail before going to bed.
Here is a Vintage Working Women deco I made for a swap.

A Precious Moments deco I made for a swap.

This is supposed to be a PAP Vintage deco I made for another swap but I'm thinking it doesn't look vintagy enough. I just love the image of the cats and wanted to use it.

A Vintage Gypsies deco I made for a swap.

A Victorian themed deco I made for another swap.

An entry for a Holly Hobbie deco.

An entry for a Bears deco.

Vintage Children FBs I made for another swap.

Vintage Gypsies deco and PAP Vintage deco I received from a group swap.

A wonderful letter and FBs I received from my friend Ulrica from Sweden. I LOVE the Tilda stickers she used throughout her letter.

Another great letter and photos from my friend Stefanie from Switzerland.

A fantastic swap from my friend Johanna from Finland. She sent craft supplies, FBs, decos.

Another wonderful letter from my friend Heegene from Korea. She sent FBs, a deco, photos/ info. and postcards from where she lives.

Look at the beautiful stamps Heegene put on the enveloppe. What a pretty enveloppe!

And, a great letter from my friend Patrizia from Italy. She included stationary/note sheets, stickers and FBs.

And, that's it from me as I'm off to bed now. Zzzzz...