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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

ATCs, Easter & mail!

Well, hello there everyone! I've been busy, busy, busy, as always. I certainly haven't been busy, busy, busy outside because the weather is crappy, crappy, crappy. It has felt more like November than April. Ugh! I'm very fed up with it. However, I remain positive. Life with an autistic child is not always easy either. But, I remain positive, most of the time. And, when I go to my mailbox and find some special mail it REALLY makes my day! :) Here are some of the things I've received this week.

I did an ATC swap with a sweet and talented artist named Natalea ( Our themes were "Grace" and "Hope". I LOVE her ATCs. I have always admired her artwork so I am happy to be swapping with her.

Another artist I have long admired is Sandy at Above is a postcard she created for a postcard swap I joined. You could either make your own or buy an artistic one. On the back we needed to write an inspirational quote. It's a fun and easy swap.

Some Easter cards I made for friends.

Some FBs I made for an Easter themed swap.

A couple of Easter cards I received from some friends. On the right is Susi from Austria's card and the other is Claudia's from Germany.

A wonderful letter from my friend Reiko in Japan who sent some lovely photos as well.

Another wonderful letter from my friend Rosita from Finland. She included some craft supplies and photos. On the bottom left side is an Easter card she made. It is absolutely beautiful as are all of her cards.

And, another wonderful letter from my friend Nicole from the USA. She sent FBs and decos.
I bought a Mixed Media magazine by Somerset Studio that I will happily read tonight and maybe answer a letter. I'll save the crafting for tomorrow. :)


  1. Heee I do love the Easter card you sent me. Thank you! :) I never think to send a Easter card.

    Postcards and quotes are love!

  2. Hi Jacqueline!!! I´m Flávia from Brazil... and we have a lot of things in common...for example, I love animals (sometimes, more than people too... lol) and I love to swap decos... would you like to swap some decos with me? Say yes, pleaseeeeeeeeee!!! lol... well, if you want to be my newest friend... write to me...