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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Mail update!

Hi all!  Just a short mail post.  It's the end of the school year and I am exhausted.  Need I say more?  Oh yeah, the weekend is coming.  Yippee!
Here is a gorgeous "Mother's Day" art deco made by my friend Isabelle in France.
Isabelle also sent these decos as part of a private swap.
A very pretty card from my friend Molly in New Hampshire, USA.
A "Vintage Bathing Beauties" deco from a swap partner.
A cute "House Mouse" deco from another swap partner.
A "Vincent Van Gogh" deco from a swap partner.
And, that's all for now.  I'm going to finish up a letter and head to bed.  Goodnight!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

A little mail post!

Hi all!  It's time for another mail post.  Here is the mail I have received in the past couple of weeks, mostly swaps.
A lovely swap of pretty papers, ribbon and flowers.
A swap of craft supplies.  Such a wonderful variety.
A great letter, decos, postcard, tea, pilates DVD, etc from my friend Laura from Romania.
A swap of decos.
Another deco swap.
A "Suzy Zoo" deco made by a swap partner.
A "Circus" deco made by another swap partner.
A pretty "Flowers" ATC and an extra deco from another swap partner.
Another deco swap.
A wonderful letter, decos, 2 gorgeous ATCs and deco tape from my dear friend Kimie from Vancouver.
Now I will go outside on my patio, enjoy the lovely weather and write letters.  :)

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Saturday in Boston!

Hi all!  Last weekend I visited my friend Molly and family in New Hampshire, USA.  I hadn't seen them since last November so it was wonderful spending time with them again.  I always arrive on Friday afternoon and head to Michael's to see what I can find.  Then we have dinner at Olive Garden and go to Target's.  I found some nice craft supplies but mostly stocked up on Mary Englebreit stationary, cards and stickers.  I love her designs and I have a few friends who also love her so I'll share what I bought with them.  :)  Anyhow, on Saturday we spent such a fabulous day in Boston.  The weather was perfect and I love that city so much.  It is so nice and has such an energy to it.  I had such a great day I almost wanted to move there.  Ha! Ha!  I hope you'll enjoy seeing some sights of Boston below.
China town where we had a delicious lunch.  I love curry chicken.
Yummy!  Yummy!
A pretty carousel in the park in the middle of the city.
A musician playing music with many instruments at once.
The famous Swan Boats in the Public Gardens.  We had a nice ride around the big pond.
Molly and I.
Back at the Betancourt's in the evening.  Molly's daughter Jadira working in her sticker book while I wrote postcards.
Be back soon with a mail post.  This week has been crazy with work.  A three day weekend coming up starting tomorrow.  :)

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

More mail & farm visit!

Hi all!  Hope everyone is having a nice week so far.  Mine has been going well and it's also been busy.  It's the end of the school year at the music school so we have been busy with preparing the end of the year concert, field trips and other activities for the children.  I've also been busy with organizing activities for my private English students for this summer.  
I'm looking forward to this coming weekend since I'll be going to visit my friend Molly in New Hampshire, USA.  I always look forward to spending time with Molly.  We're planning on spending one day in Boston.  It'll be so nice for me to get away on my own.
This past weekend was a little productive in regards to putting together swaps, doing decos and letter writing.  I also slept a lot since I have been feeling exhausted lately.
Last week I also received some really great swaps.  Take a peek below.
I received a fabulous swap in this envelope as part of a group swap.  Actually two swaps from the same partner were in two similar envelopes.
Here's what I received: stationary sheets, notepaper, stickers, postcards and note cards.  I love Suzy Zoo, House Mouse and Mary Englebreit.
A part of the other swap from the same partner with more of my favourite things.
The other part of the same swap.  My partner is definitely one of the best swappers I've ever had.
I also received this swap of decos from my friend Kimie in Vancouver.
I received this wonderful letter, stickers and cute vintage circus postcards from my friend Andrea from England.
A beautiful "Tilda Magnolia" deco made by a swap partner.
A pretty postcard from my Austrian friend Susi who was traveling in Morocco.
A "Vintage Children Illustrations" deco made by another swap partner.
Two beautiful ATCs; "Tulips" and "Favourite Quote" from another swap partner.
And now, onto the farm.
Last Friday we took the kids to a farm on a field trip and they loved it.  Well, so did I actually.  Here you can see an Angora rabbit.  He was so soft and also a little camera shy.
Here is a chinchilla.  They had so many different animals.  The children could see them up close and give them pets.
Here is a baby emeu.  His fur was quite rough contrary to what it may seem.
I felt as though this alpaca was staring right through me.  Doesn't he have an intense look?  Wish I knew what he was thinking, or maybe not.
As funny as this may sound this rooster was looking over the sheep like a shepherd dog would.  
This cute little goat and I were having a conversation.  It lasted a few minutes at which point he walked over to me, let me pet him on the head and walked away.  I'm not quite sure what our conversation was about but he seemed satisfied.  Until next time!