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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Saturday in Boston!

Hi all!  Last weekend I visited my friend Molly and family in New Hampshire, USA.  I hadn't seen them since last November so it was wonderful spending time with them again.  I always arrive on Friday afternoon and head to Michael's to see what I can find.  Then we have dinner at Olive Garden and go to Target's.  I found some nice craft supplies but mostly stocked up on Mary Englebreit stationary, cards and stickers.  I love her designs and I have a few friends who also love her so I'll share what I bought with them.  :)  Anyhow, on Saturday we spent such a fabulous day in Boston.  The weather was perfect and I love that city so much.  It is so nice and has such an energy to it.  I had such a great day I almost wanted to move there.  Ha! Ha!  I hope you'll enjoy seeing some sights of Boston below.
China town where we had a delicious lunch.  I love curry chicken.
Yummy!  Yummy!
A pretty carousel in the park in the middle of the city.
A musician playing music with many instruments at once.
The famous Swan Boats in the Public Gardens.  We had a nice ride around the big pond.
Molly and I.
Back at the Betancourt's in the evening.  Molly's daughter Jadira working in her sticker book while I wrote postcards.
Be back soon with a mail post.  This week has been crazy with work.  A three day weekend coming up starting tomorrow.  :)

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  1. Cant believe I have never been at Boston so far! I need to go there, urgently! Pictures look pretty! Did you look for stationary at China town? Somebody told me there is pleny of it in China town, NY. I need to go to the big cities, definitely they have more stuff. I love your postcard, thanks again for thinking of me :) Enjoy your 3 days weekend ^^