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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

FBs & decos!

Another rainy day! Blah! Same forecast for tomorrow. But, the weekend is going to be beautiful, sunny and warm. Woo-hou! Anyhow, wanted to share some recent FBs and a deco I made for a couple of swaps. But first, in yesterday's mail I received this beautiful Easter card my friend Susi from Austria made. I love the cute little lamb!

And, I received this deco from a swapper, who is also a friend from Vancouver. It is gorgeous!

Here is the Free Expressions deco I made for a swap.

The following three FBs are for an Easter/Cute Spring Characters swap. Hope my partner in Germany likes them.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Mail, oh lovely mail!!!

Oh my goodness, it is pouring rain this morning with the same forecast for tomorrow. Blah! Oh well, good for getting things done, like crafting and let's not forget taking wonderful naps. Just looking at my cats nap, all snug, makes me want to nap as well. Anyhow, last week was such a great mail week. I got some wonderful letters from friends. Check out the stamps on the photo below. Aren't they just lovely?

A wonderful letter, as always from my sweet pal Rosita from Finland. She included some craft supplies, a beautiful Easter card made by her and some FBs.

A letter from another sweet pal, Mir from The Netherlands. She sent a huge amount of FBs and 2 decos which I absolutely love. I just love looking through these beautiful FBs and decos.

Another great letter from my pal Judy from England, with stickers and a cute Easter card. Love the Suzy Zoo paper.

And, another letter from my new pal Margaret from Scotland who also included some FBs.

Hopefully the mailman will be so kind with mail this week. So, I'm off to the dentist with Noah. Hopefully all will go well. He doesn't like the texture of the toothpaste they use to clean teeth at the dentist and complains the entire time. We can hear him in the waiting room complaining. Ugh! Have a great day everyone!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Is it spring?

Well I was certainly wondering what season it was when I woke up to this this morning. Luckily it is supposed to be sunny and warm tomorrow. March is such a treacherous month.

So, I'm still feeling a bit under the weather and went to sleep as soon as I got home from work. Of course working with children I had no voice by the time I got home. I'm off to sleep again to get over this cold.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Pretty cats & mail!

Thought I'd share some photos of my pretty cats, half asleep. We were taking a nap and I woke up to see them head to head. I thought they were so cute together. Looking straight ahead is Kylie and the other is Nikkisum. I love these little girls.

Here they are again all cozy.

And, last Friday I received this great letter from my pal Jolanda from The Netherlands. She included some Tilda cut-outs. I love Tilda and we can't find anything here of course.

Today I received another great letter from my pal Astrid from Sweden who also included some FBs.

And, I also received a wonderful letter from my friend Molly from the US. She also included FBs. I'll be visiting Molly again at the end of April and I'm looking forward to it. We only live 3 1/2 hours apart by car.
On the weekend we went to see "Alice in Wonderland" which was great. It was the first movie we brought Noah to see in the theatre and he was very happy, especially with the snacks. So, I'm off, I've been a bit under the weather since yesterday with a cold.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Creative mail!

Yet again we've had another sunny day! I'm loving it! I am so motivated to get things done when it is sunny. Today is my brother's birthday. He turned 33 and I decided to take him out to lunch which was nice. I then had to do some grocery shopping, pick up Noah from school and buy him some new rain boots. It was a busy day and I am looking forward to just sitting down with the cats and a good letter this evening. First though, I wanted to share some mail I have received so far this week.
This wonderful letter full of goodies comes from a new friend, Laura, from Romania. Well, we've known each other through blogging for a year already so not so new.

Laura is a very talented artist and I wanted to share one of her creations. She sent this Tag Collage book she made. I love the style.

Inside are tags on which each person has to create a collage. I had never seen one of these before and I love it. Looking forward to creating my entry.

Then I also received another great letter, photos, FBs and stickers from my friend in Belgium, Francoise.

And, finally, this is the Used Stamps FB I made for a swap which was supposed to be part of my last post but got deleted.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Made by me!

Hope you've all been having a fabulous weekend! It has been fantastic for me. We've had sun again so of course I'm all happy. I've doing some crafting and I've been feeling really inspired. Let me share with you some of what I've done.
First I made this really pretty, if I do say so myself, tag to go on a gift I'm sending a friend as a house warming gift. The lady on the tag is from a set of stamps my friend Rosita sent me for Christmas a couple of years ago. I'm really loving vintage these days.

Here is an entry I made in fruit deco.

I'm part of a group FB swap where the theme is Used Postage Stamps. I thought it sounded really cool and fun to do until I sat down at my craft desk and had absolutely no idea what to do. I made a first FB and really didn't care much for it although Jeffrey thought it was really nice. I haven't taken a photo of it because as I said I don't like it but I have kept it. Anyhow, then I came up with another one I really like, again, vintage style. I also have another one I just accidently deleted so I'll have to put it in the next post because I'm really not starting over. Damn!

Finally, here is a Vintage Deco made by Marla, my partner in a group swap. Isn't it lovely?

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Decos & mail!

Good evening to all! Awe, with the sun brings happiness! It has been sunny for almost two weeks straight and it brings me pure joy. The birds are singing and the squirrels are playing around in my backyard. These are sure signs of spring. It is motivating for me to keep busy with crafting projects, writing and outside time. Yay! Okay, so I wanted to share some of my recent deco entries and the mail I've received since Friday.

Here's an entry for a deco on vintage friendship I beleive. I like how it turned out.

This is a deco I made for a swap with the theme "Magnolia Tilda stamps". It will travel to France tomorrow.

An entry I made for a Halloween deco which I am quite pleased with I must say. Halloween decos are fun for me!

Now, onto some mail. Here's a wonderful letter I received from my friend Tanya from Australia. She included FBs and photos.

A letter from a new German pal named Stefanie. It is one of the most original and funny intro. letters I have ever received. She also sent some stamped images.

A very lovely deco I received from my partner in a group swap.

And, another wonderful letter from my friend Kimie from Vancouver. She included some decos and FBs.
Bye for now fellow blogger friends!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Recent happenings!

I must say that I am finally happy to report we are seeing a little bit of sun and warmer temperatures these days. Noah and I are on Spring Break this week so we have been spending some time outside, taking in some fresh air and much needed sunlight.'s wonderful! I thought I'd share some mail and happenings on our end. Okay so mailwise it's been fairly quiet again but I have received some pretty postcards this week from some traveling friends. First, my friend Molly spent a week in North Carolina and Myrtle Beach (USA) with her family, it was their Spring Break.

Then my friend Susi from Austria recently came back from Israel. What a beautiful country!

And, last Friday I received a great letter from my pal Eva from Germany. She also sent this little cute pillow decoration.

So, today we decided to go to the Zoo since it was so nice out. We had a great time together. We hadn't been on a family outing in a while since Jeffrey now works weekends and also it is winter meaning not much to do here. Below is a photo of Noah and Jeffrey in a hay maze which Jeffrey at first was afraid to go in because of a bad childhood memory. But, hey, this maze was not much of a maze.

Noah and I at one of the playgrounds at the zoo. No, it's not a real giraffe if you can't tell. Ha!

Here's a little red panda going for a nap. We hardly ever get to see these guys as they spend most of their time napping, not to mention they are nocturnal. A cute fact about them is they use their tails as scarves when they are cold.

I just love goats. If I could have some as pets I definately would. They are the most playful and funny animals. They love being with people and petted just like any domesticated animal. Noah goes to a farm for horseback riding and his instructor has such sweet goats.

This guy was really loud and I think he was trying to find a mate. Isn't he just precious?!

Yesterday was another fantastic day so Noah and I went to a neighbouring town called North Hatley. It is set next to a lake and is quite quaint.