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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Recent happenings!

I must say that I am finally happy to report we are seeing a little bit of sun and warmer temperatures these days. Noah and I are on Spring Break this week so we have been spending some time outside, taking in some fresh air and much needed sunlight.'s wonderful! I thought I'd share some mail and happenings on our end. Okay so mailwise it's been fairly quiet again but I have received some pretty postcards this week from some traveling friends. First, my friend Molly spent a week in North Carolina and Myrtle Beach (USA) with her family, it was their Spring Break.

Then my friend Susi from Austria recently came back from Israel. What a beautiful country!

And, last Friday I received a great letter from my pal Eva from Germany. She also sent this little cute pillow decoration.

So, today we decided to go to the Zoo since it was so nice out. We had a great time together. We hadn't been on a family outing in a while since Jeffrey now works weekends and also it is winter meaning not much to do here. Below is a photo of Noah and Jeffrey in a hay maze which Jeffrey at first was afraid to go in because of a bad childhood memory. But, hey, this maze was not much of a maze.

Noah and I at one of the playgrounds at the zoo. No, it's not a real giraffe if you can't tell. Ha!

Here's a little red panda going for a nap. We hardly ever get to see these guys as they spend most of their time napping, not to mention they are nocturnal. A cute fact about them is they use their tails as scarves when they are cold.

I just love goats. If I could have some as pets I definately would. They are the most playful and funny animals. They love being with people and petted just like any domesticated animal. Noah goes to a farm for horseback riding and his instructor has such sweet goats.

This guy was really loud and I think he was trying to find a mate. Isn't he just precious?!

Yesterday was another fantastic day so Noah and I went to a neighbouring town called North Hatley. It is set next to a lake and is quite quaint.

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