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Friday, April 27, 2012

Two weeks of mail!

Hello all!  It is the weekend-yay!  Well, I actually have to teach tomorrow morning.  They are new students.  My teaching business is still growing which makes me feel good.  It's nice to know people appreciate my teaching style and refer me to others.  Anyhow, the weather has been the pits since I have come back from Florida.  It even snowed today although there is no accumulation.  Hello Mother Nature, it's the end of April, send some heat and sun please!  No major plans for the weather except fun time meaning, letter writing, working on swaps and decos.  I hope you all have a lovely weekend as I leave you with some photos of the last two weeks in mail.
A beautiful "Cat" deco I received from a swap partner.
A postcard from my friend Molly who recently spent a week in North Carolina, USA.
These two beautiful "Beatrix Potter" ATCs from a swap partner.
A lovely "Words and Letters" deco from another swap partner.
A really pretty "Sealife" deco from a swap partner.
A "Circus" ATC from a swap partner.
I love this sewn "Fairy Tales" deco made by a swap partner.
I also love this beautiful "Vintage Birds" deco from a swap partner.
Two "Vintage Japan" ATCs from a swap partner.
Two postcards of Russia from another swap partner.
A postcard from Tokyo Disney from my Japanese friend Reiko.
A great letter from my friend Helen from Sweden.
A pretty card from my friend Molly from USA.  It's from the Punch Studio collection which I love.
A sock swap and a pretty "Vintage" deco from another swap partner.
Two gorgeous decos, "Beatrix Potter" and "1920's" from the same swap partner.  She also sent (below) a swap of other decos.
More decos from another swap partner.
The same swap partner also made these two pretty decos.
A letter and swap of craft supplies from my new friend Marianne from Denmark.
She also included these decos.
Phew, this was certainly a long post.  See you soon again.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Back from Disney!

Hello all!  Noah and I are back from our fabulous trip at Disney in Florida.  We had such a wonderful time and the weather was awesome, 30 celcius with sun, unlike here where it has been cool and rainy since we got back late Friday afternoon.  We really relaxed a lot in Florida which was a bit difficult for me since I am so used to being on the go and having something to do.  Take a look at some of our memories.
Noah and I stayed on-site at the All Star Movies Resort.  We were in a Toy Story themed room.  In the courtyard was this huge Woody.  It was pretty impressive.
Beautiful palm trees seen from the pool at our hotel.
Noah and I in front of the famous Cinderella's castle at Magic Kingdom.  It is truly beautiful in person.
Aren't these beautiful?
Two beautiful red macaws at Animal Kingdom.
The beautiful Tree of Life with beautiful animal carving.
Noah and I with Baloo from the Jungle Book.
We went on a short safari tour which was really fun.
I absolutely loved Epcot.
It was wonderful touring different countries.
Another view of Epcot.
I took about 300 photos as everything was so visually pleasing but unfortunately I couldn't capture the beauty in my photos.  Noah and I also did some shopping in Downtown Disney but we didn't spend much.  I'm not a huge Disney fan so I wasn't tempted by too much except stickers and postcards.  Now, if I were at a Paper/Crafts Convention it would've been totally different.  Ha! Ha!  Got to put Noah to bed now.  Be back soon with a mail post.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Lot's of mail!

Hey all!  It's Saturday!  It's a long weekend and I don't have to go back to work until Tuesday.  And then, three workdays before Noah and I go to Disney.  Yay!  We are so looking forward to it.  Hopefully my back will be better because it is acting up again.  Today I am in real pain and nothing seems to bring relief.  I've been trying to write letters but I don't seem to be able to sit for too long without having to move around.  Anyhow, it's Easter weekend and I'm trying to relax.  On that note, I have finally taken photos of the mail I have received in the past two weeks, mostly wonderful swaps.
The envelopes I have received in the past two weeks.
Some lovely decos I received from a swap partner.
More lovely decos from my friend Marina from Sweden.  She made the two at the top and included a cute cat postcard.
More decos from a swap partner. 
A swap of craft supples.
Another swap of decos plus some extra fibers.
Here are two decos the same swap partner from above made and they are lovely.
These are the inside pages of those decos decorated by the same artist.
More decos from another swap partner.
A swap of craft supplies.
Pretty "Easter Bunny" deco from a swap partner and some note paper.
Two ATCs from a swap partner.
Two more beautiful decos from a swap partner.
It seems like I have a lot of deco work ahead of me.  :)