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Friday, March 30, 2012

More decoing!

Another busy work and life week.  The good news is it's Friday!  Of course I have too many plans for my weekend as usual but I'll do my best and accomplish what I can.  This afternoon I took a three hour nap and it was heavenly.  Then it was grocery shopping and now I'm ready for some fun, meaning blogging, letter writing and maybe a bit of television.  Tomorrow I'll bring my mother shopping and then I'll start in on decos which will continue into Sunday.  In the meantime, here are some photos of ATCs and decos I made for recent swaps.
"Vintage Belly Dancing" deco.
"PAP Places I want to travel to" deco.
"Sites of France" deco.
"Vintage Pets" deco.
"Vintage Ghosts" ATCs.
"Vintage Pets" ATCs.  Can you tell I love cats?!
"Vintage Love" ATCs.
Be back soon!  Enjoy your weekend!

Saturday, March 24, 2012

The usual; decos and mail!

Hi all!  :) Hope you've all had a wonderful week.  The weather was amazing here, just like summer.  I had to keep reminding myself it was only March.  Anyhoo, I had another great mail week much to my surprise since I think I owe everyone a letter these days.  Tonight is a letter writing night and tomorrow is for decos and letter writing.  I may also take my mother shopping since we haven't been since January.  We'll see when I wake up tomorrow morning what I feel like doing.
Last night my friend Sonia hosted another "Stampin' Up" workshop.  I love these workshops and I always buy some stuff.  Sonia had us make this pretty page with a butterfly.  I love how it turned out and it was fun to make.
Here's an entry in a "Vintage Love" deco I made last weekend.
A "Vintage Cars" entry I made in a "PAP Vintage" deco.
A "Peter Rabbit" entry I made in a "Classic Children's Books" deco.
A "cupcake" entry in a "Pick the next theme" deco.
I received some wonderful mail from my friend Molly in USA.  I was happily surprised by her Easter package which included stickers, chocolates, licorice and a pretty card.
I also received a belated Valentine's Day swap.  My partner sent some really cute things along with some yummy chocolate.
I received a wonderful letter, swap of craft supplies and decos from my friend Marina from Sweden.  I love the Tilda stuff.  Her letter traveled quite quickly too.  It only took 4 days to reach me here in Canada.
I received this lovely swap of decos.  I actually received quite a few decos this week so I'll be busy.
Here is a swap of vintage decos.  They are all so lovely.
I received a great letter from my friend Nicole in USA.  She sent some stationary sheets and stickers.
I also received another great swap of decos.
Here are my babies Mustang and Subaru.  Such cuties!  Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Swaps in the mail this week!

Oh my, what a gorgeous day we had today!  The sun was out and it was warm.  I hung some clothes to dry outside, one of my favourite household chores during the summer.  The clothes smell so fresh afterwards.  This weather inspires me as well as makes me happy.  :)  This morning Jeffrey and Noah got haircuts while I went shopping.  Noah needed new sneakers for school and sneaker sandals for our upcoming trip to Disney in Florida in April.  I bought myself some cute rain boots, 2 blouses and of course crafting supplies.  This evening I'll enjoy some quiet time relaxing and letter writing since I am so behind.  This past week I didn't receive any letters but I did get some lovely swaps in the mail.  :)
Here is a wonderful swap I received from my friend Maria.  She sent me such cute and lovely embellishments which will be very handy for decoing.  Maria, just to let you know I have finished writing your letter so a fat envelope is on its way to you Monday.
Here are some beautiful decos I received from a group swap partner.  I was happy to be paired with her because her decos are always so beautiful.  I think you can probably guess the themes?!
The same partner also sent me s swap of established decos.  They are so pretty.
I also received these two beautiful ATCs from two different swap partners.
These three gorgeous decos were made by the same swap partner.
These beautiful decos also come from another swap partner.  The one with the bear is themed "Forest Animals" made by her and the "Vintage Birds" one is made by her daughter.  She also sent some pieces of pretty lace.
So, I will leave you with an adorable photo of my old lady Kylie sleeping in my bed.  I'm never able to get good photos of her so rarely post any of her.  Most of the time I feature the little ones but now it's her turn.  Be back soon! 

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Decos, shopping and mail oh my!

Hello all!  It is the end of the weekend sadly but at least I was able to rest and I'll enjoy this evening writing letters.  This past week was a little lighter work-wise since it was spring break here so many of my students didn't have English classes.  Now it's back to the regular schedule, but with spring right around the corner it seems easier somehow.  I did get some decos done this weekend but not as many as I had hoped, unfortunately.  Here are some of the ones I did last weekend.
A "Vintage Pets" entry I made in a "PAP Vintage" deco.
An entry I made for a "Wild Wild West" deco.
An entry I made for a "French Vintage Ads" deco.  I was the last entry so it is on its way home.
An entry I made for a "Pooh" deco.
An entry I made in a "Forever Friends" deco.
A "PAP Vintage" deco I made.  I love Normand Rockwell images so I chose one for my cover.  I also love Christmas.
I also did a little shopping this past week.  Here are a few items I bought.  I am not showing everything I bought since some are for swaps and birthdays.  
I bought some cute circus stickers (love them!), vintage stickers for decos, lace and sticker ribbon for decos and pretty roses, also for decos.
Since it was spring break for Noah we drove to Vermont, USA for lunch and a little shopping.  I bought a few things including Easter stickers and some of my favourite candies called "Sugar Babies"  They are caramels and so delicious.  We can not buy them in Canada.  I have fond memories of eating them as a child when my parents and I went to the beach in the USA.
I had a very quiet mail week.  Besides the regular crappy mail (bills, ads, etc) I only received two fun and nice pieces of mail.
I had been waiting for this letter from my friend Molly from USA for over a month.  It's funny that it took so long to reach me considering we only live at a 3 1/2 hour drive from each other.  Anyhow, it finally arrived.  It was such a great letter as always, and she included two Valentine's Day cards (one for Noah and one for me), some chocolate, FBs, photos (which included some from our visit), and stickers.
I also received a swap of decos which are really nice.
Take care everyone and enjoy your week!  :)

Friday, March 2, 2012

Mail call!

It's another mail post!  I received quite a few good pieces of mail in the past two weeks.
These envelopes contained lovely swaps and letters from friends.
This wonderful letter and swap comes from my sweet friend Margaret from Scotland.  She always uses such beautiful stationary for her letters.
She also sent me a great selection of border stickers for papercrafting.
I received a private swap of beautiful decos from my friend Isabelle from France.  I love the selection.
She also included this beautiful deco she made as part of a group swap.
Here's another great letter and photos from my friend Reiko from Japan.
I also received a swap of HQFBs from Iris from Hong Kong.
I received some ATCs from a group swap.  The themes were "Vintage Pets" and "Vintage Valentine".
A "Vintage Belly Dancing" deco from another group swap.
Two "Vintage Ghosts" ATCs from another group swap.
I received this nice postcard from my friend Molly from USA of a place in Vermont called Mount Snow.
I also received this lovely "Vintage Valentine" deco from a group swap.
Another swap of HQFBs.
Another swap of HQFBs from a group swap.
I received this "Vintage Mail" deco from my friend Kimie.  It was made by Manuela from Germany.  It is one of the most gorgeous decos I have ever seen.
Here are two more pretty decos Kimie sent with the one above.
And, here is a lovely letter from one of my bestest friends Rosita from Finland.  She sent along some beautiful craft supplies, stickers, HQFBs and photos.
The mailman kept me very happy for the past two weeks.  And, it is finally the weekend!  Yay!  Looking back on this past week I have no idea how I managed to get through it.  Glad it's over.  And, now onto a weekend of decoing and letter writing.