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Monday, April 26, 2010

Weekend, mail, decos & FBs!

Oh my goodness do I have a lot to share today. Let me start with my wonderfully relaxing weekend with my friend (who also happens to be a penpal) from New Hampshire, USA. I drove to her home in Keene on Friday afternoon and returned on Sunday at lunchtime. The weather was really sunny and warm too. We did quite a bit of shopping as I always enjoy doing in the US, but this time I was dissapointed as I couldn't find many crafting supplies to my liking. :( So, I made up for that by shopping in my favourite craft store here in Sherbrooke today. Ha! Ha! Anyhow, back to my trip. On Saturday we had a delicious lunch at a quaint little cottage in the woods. The grounds were beautiful! The rest of the weekend was spent relaxing and having fun with her two children, Diego and Jadira. I only wish Molly lived closer as she has become a dear friend to me. :)

Here I am on the grounds of Pickity Place where we had our lunch.

I don't think you can really read it but this was our menu, a 5 course herbal lunch. Yum!

This is the side of the cottage. It also included a lovely gift shop where I found a few things. I love lavender so I bought some dried flowers and handcream. It smells so nice. I even had lavender ice tea with my lunch. I wasn't sure how it would taste but it was delicious.

Late in the afternoon once we returned from lunch we went to the park with the kids. Here are Molly, Jadira and I.

And, now onto some FBs, decos and mail news. The deco above is one I made for a swap with the theme, Coca-Cola ad.

A wonderful letter from my friend Susi from Austria. She included FBs and pretty stickers. It's nice to be receiving letters from Europe again.

Another great letter from my friend Lone from Germany. She also sent FBs and pretty stickers. I feel very spoiled. :)

I also received a fantastic letter from my friend Kimie from Vancouver, Canada. She sent some beautiful FBs and decos. Below is also part of her letter, a pink embellishments swap. Love everything!

I received this swap last Friday, Used Postage Stamps FBs.

Also, another swap, a deco in a Fairytales theme.

Another swap, Vintage Babies FBs.

My friend Kimie also sent this Coca-Cola Ad themes deco as part of a swap. And, below she sent some cute deco tape in the same enveloppe.

The mailman has been doing a nice job so far. :) Now, I need to get a pen, paper and a letter to start answering all of this lovely mail.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Cats, FBs and crafts!

Everyday and evening I like to sit on one of the couches in our living room to relax and write letters. Well, of course my two furry ladies have to be next to me. I like to sit comfortably with a blanket too. So, then the battle begins with the cats. I have my spot on the couch next to a lamp so I can see what I am doing but Nikkisum decided she now wanted to sit there. She grumbles while I remind her that her spot is on the other end of the couch. Now she has decided my blanket is hers. She is constantly looking for the blanket and then settles herself on it. She lets me know whenever I try to move it too. Now the other cat, Kylie is constantly complaining because she wants pets and gets annoyed with her sister. It's quite funny to watch how they behave, almost as if they are human. Like, today I was taking a nap and I closed the door a bit to have peace but Nikkisum opened it with her paw because she doesn't like closed doors. She then came and had a nap with me because I had THE blanket.
So, here is Kylie wanting to come up on the couch but Nikkisum was in her way. See the annoyance in her eyes.

Here is Nikkisum curled up sleeping on THE blanket.

Okay, enough about the cats. Not much has been happening this weekend and the weather is gloomy so the cats and I have been keeping each other company. Anyhow, last week I bought the latest "Marie Claire Idees" magazine. I don't know if any of you have ever seen this magazine but it is full of craft ideas. I would love to try many of them but these days I seem to have such a hard time organizing and settling myself. It's rather annoying. I feel bored but then I don't do anything. I seem to be stuck in a rut and I don't know how to get myself out of it. I often get these feelings. Ugh!

At least I got some great mail this week , one of which was this great letter from my pal Maiken from Norway. She writes such lovely long letters. She also included this really beautiful HQFB.

Then I got a couple of swaps too. These great Suzy Zoo FBs from Isabelle from France. She always makes such beautiful FBs and decos.

And these lovely Spring FBs from my swap partner Stephanie from Florida.

I have a few swaps of my own to finish up so hopefully I'll get them done tonight or tomorrow. Next weekend I'll visit my friend Molly in Keene, New Hampshire which I am very much looking forward to. I need a change of scenery. Bye for now.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

This & that!

What a happy day, full of sunshine! It has been just lovely this week, okay so we're only Tuesday, but I just love when the sun is out. Not too much is in bloom yet but it won't be long. Last Wednesday I started a painting class, a sunflower on canvas. If you look below you'll see what was accomplished in a three hour afternoon. Tomorrow we'll finish it. I'm looking forward to it. I love taking art classes, gets my inspiration going. Smile!

I haven't been doing well in the mail department but what the mailman has left has been wonderful. Sometimes I look at other people's blogs and have a bit of envy at some of the wonderful packages they receive through swaps. Sigh! I know I should be content with all of the great mail I do get as my husband often reminds me. Anyhow, yesterday I received a fantastic letter from my friend Nicole from Massachusetts. She sent some pretty decos and FBs. I loved catching up on her news. Her letters are always fun to read.

Here is a paper swap I received from one of my groups. I love the pretty selection of papers. Of course my partner was from Japan so you can imagine the assortment.

This past weekend I was quite productive making FBs and decos. Here are some of the ones I made:
Three Suzy Zoo FBs.

A cat deco entry.

A Hello Kitty deco entry.

So, this is all I have to write for today. Although the sun is shining which makes me happy I have been feeling sort of bored, and it's not because I'm lacking in things to do. I wish I could explain the boredom...

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Easter & decos!

What an amazing weekend! The temperatures were well above average, 29 celcius, and the sun was out in full force. It was perfect! We don't usually do anything for Easter since it's usually still snowy and cold but this year we spent it outside. Noah enjoyed the egg hunt. He doesn't care about what's inside the eggs, he just likes finding them.

Here he is counting how many he found. He had a total of 30.

I spent most of my time enjoying the wonderful weather so didn't get much else done. I did manage to get some deco entries done last night though while Noah was watching one of his DVDs.
This is an entry for a Free Expressions deco. I'm very pleased with it.
This entry is for a Vintage Wedding deco. I really love how it turned out.

I'm not crazy about this last one but I guess it's okay. The theme is Witches.

All three of these decos are going off to my friend in Romania. So, I have LOT'S to do today. I've had to write myself a list or my head will explode. Bye for now.

Thursday, April 1, 2010


What a gorgeous day! The sun was out and it was warm, awe... just perfect! I worked a little this morning and then enjoyed the day. I bought myself some beautiful tulips too. I love tulips! The little orange rabbit next to the tulips was made at school by Noah. I always love the crafts he makes. Smile!

In today's mail I received a beautiful Easter card made by my friend Lone from Germany. I really love it, isn't it pretty?

I have to wait until Tuesday for the next mail day because Canada Post is closed for the Easter holiday. Sigh!