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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

This & that!

What a happy day, full of sunshine! It has been just lovely this week, okay so we're only Tuesday, but I just love when the sun is out. Not too much is in bloom yet but it won't be long. Last Wednesday I started a painting class, a sunflower on canvas. If you look below you'll see what was accomplished in a three hour afternoon. Tomorrow we'll finish it. I'm looking forward to it. I love taking art classes, gets my inspiration going. Smile!

I haven't been doing well in the mail department but what the mailman has left has been wonderful. Sometimes I look at other people's blogs and have a bit of envy at some of the wonderful packages they receive through swaps. Sigh! I know I should be content with all of the great mail I do get as my husband often reminds me. Anyhow, yesterday I received a fantastic letter from my friend Nicole from Massachusetts. She sent some pretty decos and FBs. I loved catching up on her news. Her letters are always fun to read.

Here is a paper swap I received from one of my groups. I love the pretty selection of papers. Of course my partner was from Japan so you can imagine the assortment.

This past weekend I was quite productive making FBs and decos. Here are some of the ones I made:
Three Suzy Zoo FBs.

A cat deco entry.

A Hello Kitty deco entry.

So, this is all I have to write for today. Although the sun is shining which makes me happy I have been feeling sort of bored, and it's not because I'm lacking in things to do. I wish I could explain the boredom...


  1. Hello Jacqueline ,
    I am pleased to hear that you are having some nice weather. Here it has rained all day today .
    I really like your sun-flower!! I wish I knew how to paint , I am hopeless painting :( . I am looking forward to seeing the end result of the painting . Are you going to keep it for yourself ? Where will you hang it?
    You have been busy making fbs and decos ! :) all very nice !
    Susie x x

  2. I love sun flowers and yours looks great, I am sure the final result will be just as lovely. :)

    I received your BEAUTIFUL letter today and it was such a pleasure to read it! Thank you for everything, the booklets are great too and those deco charms - adorable. Thanks again! I plan to answer your letter during the weekend. I will let you know when I will mail my new letter to you, ok? Have a good evening, Jacqueline!... oops, I mean... have a good day, you have full daylight, but it is evening here. :)

  3. Hi, your painting looks really great! You are talented! :oD I hope you hang it up somewhere because it deserves to be seen. :o)

    Thanks for posting on my blog competition.:o)

    I was wondering if you want to do a one time swap of neat/ HQ Fbs with me? Let me know, okay?
    Warm hugs