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Monday, April 26, 2010

Weekend, mail, decos & FBs!

Oh my goodness do I have a lot to share today. Let me start with my wonderfully relaxing weekend with my friend (who also happens to be a penpal) from New Hampshire, USA. I drove to her home in Keene on Friday afternoon and returned on Sunday at lunchtime. The weather was really sunny and warm too. We did quite a bit of shopping as I always enjoy doing in the US, but this time I was dissapointed as I couldn't find many crafting supplies to my liking. :( So, I made up for that by shopping in my favourite craft store here in Sherbrooke today. Ha! Ha! Anyhow, back to my trip. On Saturday we had a delicious lunch at a quaint little cottage in the woods. The grounds were beautiful! The rest of the weekend was spent relaxing and having fun with her two children, Diego and Jadira. I only wish Molly lived closer as she has become a dear friend to me. :)

Here I am on the grounds of Pickity Place where we had our lunch.

I don't think you can really read it but this was our menu, a 5 course herbal lunch. Yum!

This is the side of the cottage. It also included a lovely gift shop where I found a few things. I love lavender so I bought some dried flowers and handcream. It smells so nice. I even had lavender ice tea with my lunch. I wasn't sure how it would taste but it was delicious.

Late in the afternoon once we returned from lunch we went to the park with the kids. Here are Molly, Jadira and I.

And, now onto some FBs, decos and mail news. The deco above is one I made for a swap with the theme, Coca-Cola ad.

A wonderful letter from my friend Susi from Austria. She included FBs and pretty stickers. It's nice to be receiving letters from Europe again.

Another great letter from my friend Lone from Germany. She also sent FBs and pretty stickers. I feel very spoiled. :)

I also received a fantastic letter from my friend Kimie from Vancouver, Canada. She sent some beautiful FBs and decos. Below is also part of her letter, a pink embellishments swap. Love everything!

I received this swap last Friday, Used Postage Stamps FBs.

Also, another swap, a deco in a Fairytales theme.

Another swap, Vintage Babies FBs.

My friend Kimie also sent this Coca-Cola Ad themes deco as part of a swap. And, below she sent some cute deco tape in the same enveloppe.

The mailman has been doing a nice job so far. :) Now, I need to get a pen, paper and a letter to start answering all of this lovely mail.


  1. Wow, so much nice mail. Really cool :)!

    Your visit at your friend sounds nice. I will visit my pen pal and best friend in May :)! I really miss her and I feel bad that she doesn't life closer. To meet pen pals in real life makes the friendship even closer, or? :)

  2. How nice for you that you were able to meet with your pen-pal :) and had such a nice time :) .
    It's amazing the amount of post that you receive ! I imagine the postman wonders what all those letter are :)))
    Have a nice week ! hugs Susie x x

  3. I am happy for you having such a great weekend! And... I am feeling a bit ashamed because I did not mail your letter yet. :( I was busy, I explained everything in the words that I managed to write so far. I need to finish it, enclose some pretty things for you and... I really promise I will take it to the post in one day or maximum 2. Sending you love & sunshine for today! :)

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