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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Father's birthday & letters!

Today is my father's 80th birthday so we had a delicious family lunch at my parents'. He loves animals and has his own very spoiled cat so I had a cake decorated just like his cat. He was thrilled. I really don't think my father looks 80 and he is in great shape, very positive. "Bonne Fete Papa!"

This past week I got NO mail at all in my box. I think the mailman decided to take a vacation or something. However, the previous Friday I did receive this pretty card from my friend Lone from Germany.

And, this great letter and photos from my friend Reiko from Japan.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Mail & purchases!!!

Ugh...for the past couple of days I've been feeling rather blah. I don't know if it's the gray winter weather or what but yesterday I spent the day sleeping. When I get down in the dumps I always feel at peace when I am laying down. Now that I am working fewer hours I seem to have a difficult time settling myself. It's like I am going around in circles, doing nothing although there are plenty of things I could do. I've decided to start a journal so I can write all of these emotions and feelings down, to get them out and perhaps get me out of my rutt.
Anyhow, onto some mail news.
I received this great FBs swap from my friend Susi from Austria. She recently decided to do HQFBs and also card making. I think she did a fabulous job.

Today I received a great letter from my pal Susanne from Australia.

At the end of last week I received a great letter from my pal Annette from Australia. She also sent postcards.

And, I received a fantastic letter from my pal Stefanie from Sweden.

Yesterday, between naps I dragged myself out of the house to run errands and saw this cute jewellery holder. It'll go in my art room and hopefully I'll find something to hang on it.

I've been checking out blogs lately, actually more like blog hopping, and I've come across some beautifl art work by artists who love vintage, anything Marie Antoinnette style. I'm thinking once I get my groove back I'll do some vintage art. So, to get me inspired I decided to buy the latest issue of Somerset Life.

And, I though, why not purchase the DVD Marie Antoinnette starring Kirsten Dunst. I've never seen it but have seen previews and it seems interesting enough, plus I like Kirsten Dunst. Haven't watched it yet but will soon. Don't know what I'm waiting for to do everything I want to do but...

And, so I'm off to hopefully do something...

Thursday, January 14, 2010

A bit of this and that!

I am really loving my reduced working hours. I feel so much more relaxed. I have still been busy though so I'm not slacking. This week I have had three appointments for Noah with specialists due to his autism. Nothing to worry about, just checking to make sure all is okay. He's been struggling in math at school so my in-laws bought some Montessori equipment I wanted and we've been using it. Aw...what a difference these materials make, of course as long as you know how to use them. I do since I have a degree in Montessori Preschool Education. He loves using the materials too. I'm really happy!!!
I've also done some shopping at the craft store nearby. I was there today to sign up for a painting class in April. I decided to buy some supplies for soap making, phew, it isn't cheap that's for sure but I want to try it. Luckily I get a 30% discount on all craft supplies.
So, I bought some molds, soap and colours.

And, of course I couldn't resist buying more House Mouse stamps.

I received some mail this week too. My friend Ria from Trinidad and Tobago sent me a card and a cute bookmark for Christmas. She sent it on December 15th but it only reached me yesterday.

I also got a Thank You card and FBs from my friend Molly from USA. The card is a Mary Englebreit design. I love all of her designs.

And, I also received a wonderful letter and Fbs from my friend Claire from New Zealand.

As I mentioned in another post I bought some Magnolia stamps and decided to make a few cards with this stamp. I LOVE these stamps. Of course I embossed the background using my CuttleBug machine. This particular card is on its way to a friend for her birthday.

Bye for now!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

A little crafting & mail!!

Hello from freezing Quebec! It is -25 celcius here today! I've had a lazy day of napping and writing while Noah and Jeffrey were off to the pool. In a few minutes we're going to play some board games but I wanted to share a few things here first.
I made a couple of cards a few days ago. I used the CuttleBug machine to emboss the card and I used a "Stampin 'Up stamp. I love the embossed background.

Another card using the CuttleBug machine to emboss the background and a stamp by "Stampin 'Up.

I have been interested in soap making for some time now so I finally bought a book showing and explaining the procedure. It seems simple enough. Now I need to buy the products and hopefully try making some this week.

In yesterday's mail I received some Magnolia stamps I had ordered just last weekend. I was so surprised at the fast service and especially mail delivery. I have loved these stamps for so long and I'm happy we can now buy them in North America.

I also received a letter from my friend Susi from Austria. Her letter was nice and chatty. She also included some FBs and a deco.

So, I'm off as Noah is calling me to play his MouseTrap board game.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Mail & cards I made today!!

It was back to work for me today but with my reduced hour schedule. It is really the best schedule for me. Time just flew right by and then I was back at home taking a nap with the cats. It's great being able to plan for fun things to do besides just day to day obligations. Yay! My in-laws also left this morning after a three day visit. We really had a nice time with them but it's always nice to have the house back to ourselves.
Anyhow, this evening I decided to make some cards. The first one is for one of my pals/friends. I used a House Mouse I recently purchased at the craft store nearby. They have just started selling House Mouse stamps so I bought four of them. I get them at 30% off since my friend works there so they were really cheap.

The following two are Thank You cards. I usually send them to those who have given me gifts. I need to make more to send for the Christmas presents I received. I used a stamp by "Stampin' Up".

And, onto some mail news now. I received this wonderful package from my pal Maiken from Norway. It made me really happy as we had only exchanged one letter since summer and I really liked her letter. I was worried she had decided not to write back. She sent a great letter, Hello Kitty stationary pad and a cute towel. I'm looking forward to answering her letter.

And, I also received this wonderful letter from my pal Ioanna from Greece. She sent three postcards and photos from her holiday in Los.

So, this is it for tonight. I'm off to plan my day for tomorrow and finish a letter. Bye for now.