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Thursday, January 14, 2010

A bit of this and that!

I am really loving my reduced working hours. I feel so much more relaxed. I have still been busy though so I'm not slacking. This week I have had three appointments for Noah with specialists due to his autism. Nothing to worry about, just checking to make sure all is okay. He's been struggling in math at school so my in-laws bought some Montessori equipment I wanted and we've been using it. Aw...what a difference these materials make, of course as long as you know how to use them. I do since I have a degree in Montessori Preschool Education. He loves using the materials too. I'm really happy!!!
I've also done some shopping at the craft store nearby. I was there today to sign up for a painting class in April. I decided to buy some supplies for soap making, phew, it isn't cheap that's for sure but I want to try it. Luckily I get a 30% discount on all craft supplies.
So, I bought some molds, soap and colours.

And, of course I couldn't resist buying more House Mouse stamps.

I received some mail this week too. My friend Ria from Trinidad and Tobago sent me a card and a cute bookmark for Christmas. She sent it on December 15th but it only reached me yesterday.

I also got a Thank You card and FBs from my friend Molly from USA. The card is a Mary Englebreit design. I love all of her designs.

And, I also received a wonderful letter and Fbs from my friend Claire from New Zealand.

As I mentioned in another post I bought some Magnolia stamps and decided to make a few cards with this stamp. I LOVE these stamps. Of course I embossed the background using my CuttleBug machine. This particular card is on its way to a friend for her birthday.

Bye for now!

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