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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Vacation time!!! :)

Wou-hou!!! We're leaving for Barbados on Tuesday morning at 6:00am. Noah and I have just started packing for our trip to Barbados and Washington, DC. We'll stay 1 week in each destination. We're staying at my in-laws in Barbados and then at their other house in Maryland, right outside of DC. It'll be nice to get away, relax, see some sights, do some shopping... I'll be back on August 10th and will post photos some time that week. But, before I go here is the mail I received from my wonderful friends and swappers last week.

A Coffee Deco from my friend Margaret in Scotland.

A great letter and FBs from my friend Ria from Trinidad.

Another great letter and FBs from my friend Stefanie from Switzerland.

An adorable Hello Kitty Deco from a group swap.

Some beautiful Flower FBs from a group swap.

Beautiful Horse FBs from a group swap and the artist also happens to be my friend and pal Astrid from Sweden.
Hoping you all have a wonderful two weeks!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

A busy week!

Phew! It has been such a busy week here and it is still hot. At least it is not 40 this week but about 35 celcius. The past two summers have been crap so this one is certainly making up for them. :) Anyhow, I've had a fairly busy week because my mother in law was visiting. I'm always a bit hesitant when she comes because you never know how it'll go. Her and Jeffrey don't always get along so there can be tension sometimes which is not fun. I'm happy to say the visit went really well and Noah was SO happy to be with his grandmother again. He really loves spending time with her but she lives in Barbados so we don't see her often. Well, in 9 days Noah and I will be visiting my in laws in Barbados so we're looking forward to it. :) They really do spoil us and it is appreciated. :)
Thought I'd share some photos of the beautiful mail I've gotten this week.

A beautiful Japanese themed Deco made for a group swap by my partner in Slovenia.

I received another great letter from my friend Kimie who lives on the other end of Canada, BC. She sent some wonderful FBs and Decos (seen below).

I also received some beautiful postcards from the Ukraine. It was part of a group swap. What a beautiful country!

While my mother in law was here we went to the Sherbrooke Fair. Noah was so excited as he LOVES the fair. Let me tell you it was quite hot there. But seeing Noah's happy little face made it all okay. :)

Noah and his grandmother.

Noah loves Super Mario (we have a Wii) so when we saw him at the fair we had to stop for a photo. Ha! Ha!

Noah and Jeffrey going for a ride on the flying swings. As I was watching them I wondered who was having more fun, the big one or the little one?????

Noah loves rides that spin and turn (not me) so he had a blast on this one. :)
And, that's all from me for today. Have a nice weekend everybody! :)

Friday, July 9, 2010

Fbs, mail and the zoo!!!

Here I am again! :) It is so INCREDIBLY HOT here this week. It has been between 40 and 45 celcius all week. And, it doesn't get much cooler at night. Phew! In Quebec we are just not used to this kind of heat and humidity. Luckily for us we have a cool basement to hide out in. Yay! Anyhow, it's summer and I'm happy. :) I haven't been doing much of anything lately, just relaxing, contemplating life, doing papercrafts, answering letters and reading Somerset Publications. I LOVE their magazines. We've been spending a lot of time in the pool too.
Onto the photos now. Some are not so clear or have a glare but quite frankly I didn't feel like retaking them. Below is a FB I made for a group swap with a Horse theme.

Another FB for the same group swap.

This one is for a group swap with the theme Ice Cream Cones.

This one should've been before the previous one but again I got lazy and didn't feel like changing it around. It is part of the Horse FB themed swap.

I received this Famous Paintings Deco from my friend Kimie as part of a group swap. I love it!

This beautiful Vintage Ladies Deco is also made by Kimie.

I received this Green Supplies Swap from my group swap partner Staphanie. What a wonderful assortment.

I also received a beautiful Hello Kitty Deco made by Kimie and a few other HQFB as part of a swap.

A great letter with decos, FBs, photos, postcard from my sweet friend Nicole from the USA.

A postcard from my friend Susi from Austria who is visiting the Scandanavian countries. What beauty!!!

And, finally here are some photos from our trip to the zoo last Sunday. :)

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Decos, mail & Canada Day!

It's a very beautiful day here! :D I'm loving the sunny warm weather, and breeze. After a week of cool, rainy and cloudy weather it is finally feeling like summer again. Thought I'd share some photos with you this afternoon. :)
I recently made some decos for a few swaps. Below is a Vintage Ladies Deco.

A Famous Paintings Deco.

A Hello Kitty Deco.

I have received a few things in the mail. Below is a beautiful postcard from my friend Lone who lives in Germany but was visiting her family in Denmark. I really love this postcard. :)

A great letter from my new friend Heegene from South Korea. She also sent friendship books and a deco.

I received some friendship books from a group swap.

As some of you may know we celebrated Canada's national holiday on July 1st. In Quebec there aren't as many celebrations as in the rest of the country but there is a really nice one in a very small community called Hatley. So, of course we went despite the awful weather. Below are some scenes from the celebrations in Hatley.

There is always an outdoor market but this year there were very few vendors due to the weather.

A few older people were square dancing. They were really cute.

One of the old cars that was part of the parade.

Hatley's church.

Noah and I in front of a bouncy toy he was waiting to play in. I was wearing a cardboard policeman hat he received.

Noah having his turn in the bouncy toy. :)
Have a nice weekend! :D