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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Decos, mail & Canada Day!

It's a very beautiful day here! :D I'm loving the sunny warm weather, and breeze. After a week of cool, rainy and cloudy weather it is finally feeling like summer again. Thought I'd share some photos with you this afternoon. :)
I recently made some decos for a few swaps. Below is a Vintage Ladies Deco.

A Famous Paintings Deco.

A Hello Kitty Deco.

I have received a few things in the mail. Below is a beautiful postcard from my friend Lone who lives in Germany but was visiting her family in Denmark. I really love this postcard. :)

A great letter from my new friend Heegene from South Korea. She also sent friendship books and a deco.

I received some friendship books from a group swap.

As some of you may know we celebrated Canada's national holiday on July 1st. In Quebec there aren't as many celebrations as in the rest of the country but there is a really nice one in a very small community called Hatley. So, of course we went despite the awful weather. Below are some scenes from the celebrations in Hatley.

There is always an outdoor market but this year there were very few vendors due to the weather.

A few older people were square dancing. They were really cute.

One of the old cars that was part of the parade.

Hatley's church.

Noah and I in front of a bouncy toy he was waiting to play in. I was wearing a cardboard policeman hat he received.

Noah having his turn in the bouncy toy. :)
Have a nice weekend! :D


  1. WOW, Canada Day looks really fun. =D Looks like you had some great weather too, that's extra neat. It usually rains on days like that in Norway, for some odd reason.;o)

    I love your decos too, especially the one of the Famous Painting. I am not familiar with the painting to be honest, but I do think I recognize it as a Monét, am I right? =)

    Keep well my friend.
    Hugs Beate

  2. Great pics, Jacqueline, thank you for sharing! You and Noah look so great! <3 Thank you for the compliment about my decos, I really must return it to you because your latest decos are lovely!