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Saturday, July 17, 2010

A busy week!

Phew! It has been such a busy week here and it is still hot. At least it is not 40 this week but about 35 celcius. The past two summers have been crap so this one is certainly making up for them. :) Anyhow, I've had a fairly busy week because my mother in law was visiting. I'm always a bit hesitant when she comes because you never know how it'll go. Her and Jeffrey don't always get along so there can be tension sometimes which is not fun. I'm happy to say the visit went really well and Noah was SO happy to be with his grandmother again. He really loves spending time with her but she lives in Barbados so we don't see her often. Well, in 9 days Noah and I will be visiting my in laws in Barbados so we're looking forward to it. :) They really do spoil us and it is appreciated. :)
Thought I'd share some photos of the beautiful mail I've gotten this week.

A beautiful Japanese themed Deco made for a group swap by my partner in Slovenia.

I received another great letter from my friend Kimie who lives on the other end of Canada, BC. She sent some wonderful FBs and Decos (seen below).

I also received some beautiful postcards from the Ukraine. It was part of a group swap. What a beautiful country!

While my mother in law was here we went to the Sherbrooke Fair. Noah was so excited as he LOVES the fair. Let me tell you it was quite hot there. But seeing Noah's happy little face made it all okay. :)

Noah and his grandmother.

Noah loves Super Mario (we have a Wii) so when we saw him at the fair we had to stop for a photo. Ha! Ha!

Noah and Jeffrey going for a ride on the flying swings. As I was watching them I wondered who was having more fun, the big one or the little one?????

Noah loves rides that spin and turn (not me) so he had a blast on this one. :)
And, that's all from me for today. Have a nice weekend everybody! :)


  1. Hi! Noah seems very happy in the pictures so I guess he had a good time with both his dad and his grandma. =)

    I see that the bigger one also love Super Mario (from his t-shirt). ;o) I gave my friend mushroom slippers for her b-day last year. Everybody loves Mario, right? LOL!

  2. Hi, Jacqueline! I was away in the paseed 10 days, but when I came home I found your WONDERFUL letter - thank you so much for everything! I will answer you these days. :)