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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Crafting & mail news!

Hello there again! I know, I've really been slacking with my entries. Actually, I've been slacking in many areas of my life. As some of you already know I left my job at the preschool in June but in January I started working again. I am teaching English to 3 children from the same family once per week, and I also have a replacement contract assisting a teacher in her classroom two afternoons per week. Then I still have Noah's appointments and school work to keep up with so I feel like my brain is going to explode from trying to remember everything. Not to mention that I am trying to keep up with my hobbies, sewing and painting classes. So, please be patient with me. :) Having said all of this, now let's move on to some fun stuff. Below is an entry I made in a Vintage Christmas Deco. I LOVE how it turned out.

Here is a Santa Deco I made for a group swap.

A Cute Characters at Christmas FB I made for a group swap.

A couple of Valentines I made for some friends.

A pretty Valentine I received from my friend Susi from Austria and some FBs.

Some established decos and a Yummy Desserts Deco made by my swap partner for a group.

A very creative and pretty Alice in Wonderland Deco I received as part of a group swap.

I also received this lovely swap of pink/red craft supplies.

I have more mail and crafting to show you but I need to take photos. I also have a recipe to post but I am afraid I haven't been too loyal to my promise of making one recipe per week. At least I am still trying new recipes here and there. Chat with you soon. :)

Monday, February 7, 2011

More decos, mail & snow day!

Hey there everyone! We've had so much snow this week, probably a total of 40-45 cms in two seperate storms. Ugh! I just want spring to come already. Oh well, at least it's already February, right? I have been quite busy these days with crafting decos and HQFBs since I had swaps to send at the end of January. I'm quite happy with the way they've been turning out too. :) Sometimes it seems to go so well and then other times it seems all I can make is crap That can be totally frustrating!
Here's an Alice in Wonderland deco I made for a group swap.

A Vintage Christmas deco I made for another group swap.

A Vintage Winter deco for a group swap.

A Vintage Ice Skating deco for a group swap.

A Shirley Temple deco for another group swap.

A Snowman deco for another group swap.

And, finally a Christmas Tree deco for a group swap. I have more HQFBs and deco photos to show you but I need to get them from my camera so it'll be in the next post.

And now, here is some mail I received within the past two weeks.
An enveloppe of excess decos.

Really cute Classic Pooh FBs from a swap partner.

A letter from my dear friend Kristin from the USA. She sent stickers, FBs and a pretty family photo.

A fantastic letter from my friend Judy from England. She included such fun stuff: stickers, photos, note sheets.

An adorable card from my friend Lone from Germany.

A wonderful letter from my friend Susi from Austria. She sent colour copies of photos from her trip to Korea and FBs.

My great friend Molly from the USA sent some pretty note cards and stickers.

My sweet friend Rosita from Finland sent a great letter and some crafting supplies. She also made me the most beautiful Valentine's Day card. Her cards are always AMAZING!

Another wonderful letter from my friend Astrid from Norway. She sent FBs and pretty photos of her baby daughter.

Today was Winter Carnival at Noah's school. We had a wonderful day with mild and snowy weather. The first activity of the day was skating. Beleive it or not, Noah has never skated before. I know, it's shameful since we are Canadians. But, today he tried for the first time and he was fantastic and hardly fell. The photo below shows him and one of his teacher aids Miss Barbara, who by the way, is the BEST teacher Noah has ever had. She has been working with him for the past 4 years. We LOVE her to death.

Noah skating on his own.

Noah's class waiting for the sleigh ride.

Noah and Miss Barbara on the sleigh ride.

Here is Noah eating our famous sugar on snow. For those of you who don't know what it is let me briefly explain. We boil maple syrup and then spread it on the snow so it can harden and cool. Then it is ready to eat and it is so yummy.

And, our final activity for the day, sliding. Yay! The kids had a complete blast. :)

I know, I still need to show you the recipes I've been making but I thought these photos were more fun. :)