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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Weekend, crafting & mail!

Phew! It sure is hot here today, 41 celcius. How unusual for the end of August! I'm happy for summer to last longer though because I am so enjoying it and not ready for what comes in the next couple of months-winter. Today was the first day of school for Noah and I was really nervous about it. He had a great day. Yay! Yesterday we went to the school to meet with everyone and see his classroom. It's always good for him to have a visual before he starts. We were quite saddened to hear about one of his aids not coming back this year, especially since she had worked with him for the past three years. We found out a couple of weeks ago and Noah has been really affected by it. So, we'll see how it goes this year. He is already in grade 3 and his teacher seems really nice. On another note, I thought I'd share some of my decos and FBs with you. The first is an entry I made for a Fairytales Deco. It is a darker version of Little Red Riding Hood and I like it. :)

Next is a deco I made for a group swap with the theme, Famous People Through History.

Another deco with the same theme as previously for a group swap.

The following three photos are FBs for a group swap with the theme Matryoshka Dolls.

Last weekend my pal/friend Molly and her family came for another visit. It's always nice having them stay with us. We had such gorgeous weather. We spent our time mostly in parks in the area. Here is a photo of Molly, Jadira, me and Noah.

We went to a park famous for hiking and they have a huge suspended bridge which we walked across. The view is spectacular. The photo below is of Jeffrey, me and Noah.

A view from the bridge.
Another view looking up at the bridge from a little below.

I recently went to a Farmer's Market where they also sell crafts and found this cute handsewn cat wallet. This is the outside.

And, this is the inside of the wallet.

Okay, so my birthday is coming up soon and Molly brought me some presents but I just couldn't wait to open them. Besides, she insisted I open them right away. :) She knows me quite well and gave me some of my favourite things; cute House Mouse card, handmade lavender soap, sachet of lavender, stickers and a pretty flower box with...

such pretty handmade vintage style earrings inside. I love them and I've been wearing them ever since I got them.

In today's mail I got another birthday package with the most beautiful handcrafted card I have ever seen in my life. It is made by my pal/friend Rosita from Finland. It is so gorgeous and my husband told me I should frame it. I haven't opened the present she sent yet as I am waiting for my birthday. I do open the cards so I can admire them for a while.

Last week I received two gorgeous decos with the theme Famous People Through History as part of a group swap. The artist is Isabelle from France. She is such a talented deco/FB artist.

And, now onto some mail news. I received a wonderful letter from my pal Ioanna from Greece. She sent three beautiful postcards, scenes from near her home.

Another great letter from my pal Sharon from The Netherlands.

Molly also sent some photos and FBs which arrived the day before her visit.

Today I received this fun enveloppe, with a letter of course, from my pal Holly from Colorado, USA.

Monday, August 23, 2010

A crafting weekend!!!

It wasn't a particularly nice weekend weather-wise. It made me think of the gray and gloomy days that will be coming our way during late fall and winter. Ugh! How I don't look forward to them. But, I will enjoy the days we have fully and take what comes. :) So, I had some swaps to finish up before the end of the month and got busy yesterday. It was so nice to craft again and I'm very pleased with the results. Please take a look:
I'm really happy with this Pap Animal Deco.

A Pap Vintage Deco that I also love. Anything vintage is a winner with me.

Anything Japan Deco. Love it!

Sarah Kay Deco. I would have to say this is my least favourite but it's still okay.

The photos of the FBs I made didn't turn out too well because of the glare from the tape. Next time I will take them before putting on the tape. The following two photos are FBs for a group swap with the theme "Your Choice". There were three but I accidently errased one. Oopps!

The following three are also for a group swap with the theme "All for Misaki".

Now onto some mail news. Here is the mail I received last week. A wonderful swap of two Pap Vintage Decos. They are so beautiful! The enveloppe was also lovely.

A great letter from my pal Judy from England. She also sent some stickers.

Another great letter from my pal Francoise from Belgium. She included stickers, FBs, stationary sheets, postcards and photos.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Barbados & Washington DC!

So, I'm back with the photos from our trip to Barbados and Washington DC. It was difficult for me to decide which ones to post but I thought these would show you a bit of our wonderful two week holiday. In Barbados we had a little rain everyday so when the sun came out we headed to the beach. Noah and I swam everyday. I love swimming in the ocean. My father in law has a membership at a private club so we could also eat there. We could just spend the entire day in our suits, eating and swimming. :) Below is a photo of Noah enjoying the beach.

This was definately the worst day of all. We started out our day shopping but then it started pouring so we went home. When the sun showed a glimpse of itself we decided to to go for a swim but after 20 minutes it poured, again, as you can see in the photo below.

A day in Bridgetown, the capitol of Barbados. We did some shopping but when we came out of the store it was raining again. :( We decided to walk around anyway since it wasn't pouring. It's right by the oceanfront. Below, Noah and I.

The next two photos were taken in Bridgetown as well.

We went on a 45 minute submarine ride as well to see ocean life. It rained that day too. We had to take a boat to get to the submarine and it was really rocky. I thought I would vomit but luckily it passed once we were in the submarine (see below).

I was a little dissapointed with the submarine ride as I thought it would be more colourful. We saw coral reefs, fish, sea turtle and the highlight for me was the shipwreck. It was really eerie and spooky. I wish I had gotten a photo of it.

Noah in the submarine looking at the fish.

We also went to the Wildlife Reserve which was really nice. I think it was the only day it didn't rain. Yay! The Wildlife Reserve is a sanctuary where you can walk through a tropical type forest on paths. There are many free animals along the way. It was so nice and peaceful but hot. Above I am petting a tortoise. There were so many of them along the paths and everywhere really.

A tortoise walking the path at the Reserve.

I'm not sure what these birds are but they were also walking along the paths.

The view from the parking lot of the Wildlife Reserve.
And, now some photos from our trip to Washington DC. It was so hot and sunny during our stay. Goodness, you could hardly stand being outside. It was more comfortable being outside in the tropics beleive it or not. On our first day we went to the Washington Zoo. It's a nice zoo and you certainly get your exercise as it's a lot of walking. Here is Noah washing his hands after having pet a cow in the farm area.

Noah and I in front of the goats. They weren't too active due to the heat.

Luckily there were these misters everywhere at the zoo so we could cool off as Noah is doing below.
We also spent one day in Baltimore, a city in Maryland right next to the harbour. There is a lot to do and see near the harbour. It was really hot that day and Noah wasn't really in the mood. He was overwhelemd and anxious so we just walked around together.

By the harbour in Baltimore.

Noah in front of the Washington monument in downtown DC. We were going to the Museum of American History which is a couple of steps over. This was the last day of our holiday. We kind of zipped through the museum because Noah isn't very patient. I hope to go back someday to really take it in. Below is a minituare doll house on exhibit in the museum. It is so cute. You can see how Noah looks uninterested in the photo.

Below, Noah and I in front of a train on exhibit in the musem. There was so much to see in that museum but...

I think Noah's favourite part was swimming in my in laws pool. Ha! Ha!