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Saturday, August 14, 2010

I'm back!!!

Hello all! :) I am just fresh off the plane, well since Tuesday, rested and happy to be home from our two week holiday in Barbados and Washington DC. Wow! We had such a nice trip, despite a little rain. It was wonderful getting away and although it was a bit of work tending to Noah's needs I can actually say I really relaxed. :) I'll post pictures of our trip tomorrow as in this post I want to share all of the wonderful mail I received while I was gone. I came home to 12 enveloppes of mail so that was really nice.
Oh my goodness, such a wonderful letter from my friend Lone in Germany. I always love hearing from her. She also included a bunch of fun stuff; FB, deco, postcards, photos, stickers, stationary sheets, handmade enveloppes and two wonderful travel reports from her recent trips.

Another wonderful letter from my friend Rosita in Finland. Her letters are always such a pleasure to find in my mailbox. She included; stickers, postcards and craft supplies.

Another fantastic letter from my friend Reiko in Japan. She sent such precious photos as well.

And, another great letter from my friend Tanya in Australia. She also sent precious photos from her recent holidays and a FB.

Another a great letter from my friend Maria in Finland. She sent some postcards, photos and a FB.

A great letter from my friend Astrid from Norway. She sent along a bunch of FBs.

Three Ice Cream Cones FBs from my friend Beate in Norway as part of a group swap. Love them!

Beate also sent a fantastic letter with more FBs.

Another great letter and FBs from my friend Jolanda in The Netherlands.

A lovely postcard from one of my former students and his family from their trip to France. The boy's name is Henri James and I just love him. I'm so happy the family and I will be keeping in touch. :)

Another postcard from my friend Nicole in USA while she was in Maine.

Two wonderful group swaps of 50 grams est. FBs.

A Sarah Kay Deco as part of a group swap.

And, a Purple Craft Supply group swap from my dear friend Kimie in Canada.
I am so thrilled with all of this wonderful mail. I have started answering letters and crafting today. I have really missed writing and crafting. It feels great being at it again. :)

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  1. Hi, great seeing you back and hearing you had such a great time! :) I am happy for you! I am sorry I did not write you yet and it will take me about another week untill I will be able to deal with my letters... I am busy, I will explain everything, ok? Sending you love&hugs.