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Monday, August 23, 2010

A crafting weekend!!!

It wasn't a particularly nice weekend weather-wise. It made me think of the gray and gloomy days that will be coming our way during late fall and winter. Ugh! How I don't look forward to them. But, I will enjoy the days we have fully and take what comes. :) So, I had some swaps to finish up before the end of the month and got busy yesterday. It was so nice to craft again and I'm very pleased with the results. Please take a look:
I'm really happy with this Pap Animal Deco.

A Pap Vintage Deco that I also love. Anything vintage is a winner with me.

Anything Japan Deco. Love it!

Sarah Kay Deco. I would have to say this is my least favourite but it's still okay.

The photos of the FBs I made didn't turn out too well because of the glare from the tape. Next time I will take them before putting on the tape. The following two photos are FBs for a group swap with the theme "Your Choice". There were three but I accidently errased one. Oopps!

The following three are also for a group swap with the theme "All for Misaki".

Now onto some mail news. Here is the mail I received last week. A wonderful swap of two Pap Vintage Decos. They are so beautiful! The enveloppe was also lovely.

A great letter from my pal Judy from England. She also sent some stickers.

Another great letter from my pal Francoise from Belgium. She included stickers, FBs, stationary sheets, postcards and photos.

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