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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Mail update!

Hi all!  It's been such a beautiful two weeks of sun and warmth.  I love summer and all of its beauty!  You know the fresh veggies and fruits, the pretty flowers, sounds of kids splashing in the pool, eating outside on the patio, etc... I've been spending so much time relaxing, catching up on letters and reading.  My mailbox has been rather empty lately but the mail I have received has been really nice.  
Here are two postcards I received.  The Bali postcard is from my friend Susi from Austria and the New Brunswick, Canada one is from my friend Nicole in the US.  Summer is the time for traveling.
I also received a great letter from Susi, along with some FBs and photos from her travels.
Another great letter and photos from my friend Claire in New Zealand.
A beautiful "Cute Characters in Summer" deco made for me by a swap partner.  I love it!
A couple of "Sewing" ATCs from another swap partner.
A wonderful swap of craft supplies, decos and FBs from a private swap partner.
A fabulous "Christmas in July" swap from my friend Judy and swap partner.
Last weekend Noah and I visited my friend Molly in New Hampshire,USA.  Of course we did some shopping at Michael's, Target and Hobby Lobby.  Something I have noticed is that both Michael's and Hobby Lobby can be expensive if there are no sales.  I can buy certain K & CO products at the Walmart here in Sherbrooke for cheaper.  It surprises me since USA is usually cheaper than in Canada.  The benefit in New Hampshire is there is no sales tax.  Here are some of the craft products I bought on sale.
I also bought some Hello Kitty stuff for future swaps and a really nice set of note cards for myself.
Here are Noah and Jadira (Molly's daughter) after swimming at the lake.  It's so lovely there.
Molly, Jadira, Noah and I.
We also went to a street fair in downtown Keene.  I thought this sign was really pretty.
Molly and I in downtown Keene.
Noah adding juice to his crushed ice.  It was delicious and sweet.
Enjoy the rest of your weekend everyone!

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Art decos & latest mail!

Hi all!  It is soooooooo incredibly hot here.  It's about 38 celcius (106 degrees) and 30 celcuis (90 degrees) in my house.  I love summer and the hot weather but this is just too hot.  Phew!  At least in the basement it is cool so I was able to do some decoing this morning otherwise I just sit around undecided on what to do.  I started reading "Left Neglected" by Lisa Genova last night and read until 2:00am.  I just couldn't put it down so this morning I was a little grumpy because I was hot and tired.  I'm looking forward to reading more tonight with the fan right on me of course.  Anyhow, babbling here.  Thought I'd share some of the decos I made this morning and mail I got this week.
I LOVE this Tilda deco I made as part of a swap.  It is for a swapper friend of mine, Isabelle from France.  She loves Tilda as I do.
Here's an entry I made in a "Vintage Bathing Beauties" deco.
An entry I made in a "Vintage Circus" deco.
I didn't make these.  They are from a swap partner.  I think they are so lovely.  They are made by Manuela, a deco artist from Germany.  She always makes beautiful decos.
I received some photos and a card from my friend Molly.  On the photo you can see Jadira (Molly's daughter) and Noah on Canada Day.
A "Vintage Winter" deco I received from a swap partner.
A letter and stickers I received from an American pal Tracy.
I also received a wonderful letter and extras from my great friend Rosita from Finland.
And, that is all for now.  Noah is waiting for me to share popcorn with him.  Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Mail and some fun!

Hi all!  I've been having a very productive week of letter writing, finishing up swaps and just plain taking it easy.  The weather has been GORGEOUS!  I haven't had a very busy mailbox though.  :(  I'll share some photos of the mail I have received in the past 1 1/2 weeks though.
I love this beautiful "Vintage Farms" deco my friend Kirsten made for me as part of a swap.
Another pretty deco I received from a swap partner, the theme: "Vintage Jewelleries/Accessories.
A swap of HQFBs from Iris in Hong Kong.
A swap of craft supplies and a "Vintage Nature" (upper right corner) deco from the same swap partner.
I thought I'd also post some photos of the day we spent at the amusement park "La Ronde" in Montreal last Tuesday.
No, we didn't go on this ride.  Goodness!
Jeffrey (with arms stretched out) went on this tamer version but Noah wouldn't, he doesn't like heights too much.
Be back soon!

Friday, July 6, 2012

Mail and weekend fun!

Hi all!  Hope you've had a wonderful week and have nice plans for the weekend.  My week was busy with bringing Noah to an amusement park on Tuesday (which he loved), a meeting with Noah's specialists and teaching on Wednesday and then errands, decos and letter writing the rest of the week.  It's nice to be on vacation.  :)  Thought I'd share last week's mail with you and also photos of last weekend with Molly and children.
I love this "Vintage Photography" deco and "Vintage Paris" ATC made by my swap partner and friend Marianne from Denmark.  They are gorgeous!
A swap partner made and sent me these two beautiful decos, "Vintage Witches" and "Vintage Butterflies".  I always love her artwork.
She also sent me these decos as part of another swap.
Another swap partner sent me this pretty "Magicians" ATC (left side) along with a sweet Mary Englebreit note card and cat images.
Another swap partner sent me this beautiful deco made for my friend Isabelle, theme: "All for Isabelle".
From another swap partner this "Vintage Portrait' deco.  This is the lovely cover.
And this is the gorgeous inside cover.
My friend Karen from Ontario and I were paired up for a swap on her group and this is part of what  she sent which included a letter.
And this is the other part of her swap.  Wow!
I also received a wonderful letter from friend Marjolin from The Netherlands.
Unfortunately this week I hardly received any mail.  Better luck next week!
I had an awesome visit with my friend Molly and her children Diego and Jadira.  Unfortunately I didn't take too many photos while they were here.  I'm usually quite crazy with the camera but I guess I was lazy.  Anyhoo, we did visit a soap making store and I took some lovely photos of the store.
Molly and I in front of the soap making shop.  We really had a nice weekend!  :)

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Recent finds!

Hello all!  First let me start by saying it is my beautiful country's birthday so: "HAPPY BIRTHDAY CANADA!"  This weekend my friend Molly and her children Diego and Jadira came for a visit.  We had a wonderful time together as always.  I'll post about the weekend some time this week.  I would like to show some of my recent shopping finds for this post.
On the left are some vintage chipboard pieces from "Graphic 45", one of my favourite craft suppliers.  The peacock box is by "Punch Studio", a favourite papercrafts supplier of mine.  And, then the Air Mail envelope is actually a pencil case I bought while in Boston in May.  
Some "K & Company" supplies.  I LOVE these products.
Some papers I've found on sale.  I love using the labels/tags for addressing envelopes.
Some stickers.  I can never have too many stickers.
Some embellishments.  I love to use cute buttons, ribbons and Smooch (for outlining), etc when doing decos.  
And now it's time for me to get some sleep.  Goodnight to all!