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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Art decos & latest mail!

Hi all!  It is soooooooo incredibly hot here.  It's about 38 celcius (106 degrees) and 30 celcuis (90 degrees) in my house.  I love summer and the hot weather but this is just too hot.  Phew!  At least in the basement it is cool so I was able to do some decoing this morning otherwise I just sit around undecided on what to do.  I started reading "Left Neglected" by Lisa Genova last night and read until 2:00am.  I just couldn't put it down so this morning I was a little grumpy because I was hot and tired.  I'm looking forward to reading more tonight with the fan right on me of course.  Anyhow, babbling here.  Thought I'd share some of the decos I made this morning and mail I got this week.
I LOVE this Tilda deco I made as part of a swap.  It is for a swapper friend of mine, Isabelle from France.  She loves Tilda as I do.
Here's an entry I made in a "Vintage Bathing Beauties" deco.
An entry I made in a "Vintage Circus" deco.
I didn't make these.  They are from a swap partner.  I think they are so lovely.  They are made by Manuela, a deco artist from Germany.  She always makes beautiful decos.
I received some photos and a card from my friend Molly.  On the photo you can see Jadira (Molly's daughter) and Noah on Canada Day.
A "Vintage Winter" deco I received from a swap partner.
A letter and stickers I received from an American pal Tracy.
I also received a wonderful letter and extras from my great friend Rosita from Finland.
And, that is all for now.  Noah is waiting for me to share popcorn with him.  Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


  1. OHH definetely, the Tilda deco es adorable, I love her dress, it's so beautiful and girly ^^
    Looks like we have the same things in all the States here! I have the cupcake card too and the paper that Tracy used to write :D
    Hope you are having a wonderful weekend, I finally will send your package before my trip :D
    Hugs -.^

  2. 38 celcius! I didn't know it can be THAT hot during Summer! :) It's always 29-36 celcius in Malaysia. Super duper hot! Now it's about 33 celcius and I'm literally burning!