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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Mail update!

Hi all!  It's been such a beautiful two weeks of sun and warmth.  I love summer and all of its beauty!  You know the fresh veggies and fruits, the pretty flowers, sounds of kids splashing in the pool, eating outside on the patio, etc... I've been spending so much time relaxing, catching up on letters and reading.  My mailbox has been rather empty lately but the mail I have received has been really nice.  
Here are two postcards I received.  The Bali postcard is from my friend Susi from Austria and the New Brunswick, Canada one is from my friend Nicole in the US.  Summer is the time for traveling.
I also received a great letter from Susi, along with some FBs and photos from her travels.
Another great letter and photos from my friend Claire in New Zealand.
A beautiful "Cute Characters in Summer" deco made for me by a swap partner.  I love it!
A couple of "Sewing" ATCs from another swap partner.
A wonderful swap of craft supplies, decos and FBs from a private swap partner.
A fabulous "Christmas in July" swap from my friend Judy and swap partner.
Last weekend Noah and I visited my friend Molly in New Hampshire,USA.  Of course we did some shopping at Michael's, Target and Hobby Lobby.  Something I have noticed is that both Michael's and Hobby Lobby can be expensive if there are no sales.  I can buy certain K & CO products at the Walmart here in Sherbrooke for cheaper.  It surprises me since USA is usually cheaper than in Canada.  The benefit in New Hampshire is there is no sales tax.  Here are some of the craft products I bought on sale.
I also bought some Hello Kitty stuff for future swaps and a really nice set of note cards for myself.
Here are Noah and Jadira (Molly's daughter) after swimming at the lake.  It's so lovely there.
Molly, Jadira, Noah and I.
We also went to a street fair in downtown Keene.  I thought this sign was really pretty.
Molly and I in downtown Keene.
Noah adding juice to his crushed ice.  It was delicious and sweet.
Enjoy the rest of your weekend everyone!


  1. Looks like you have had some really lovely mail lately <3

  2. Hi Jacqueline!! Hope you receive my package soon! I'm happy to hear that you are enjoying the holidays.I'm having fun too :)
    Sending you lots of hugs!