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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Mail and some fun!

Hi all!  I've been having a very productive week of letter writing, finishing up swaps and just plain taking it easy.  The weather has been GORGEOUS!  I haven't had a very busy mailbox though.  :(  I'll share some photos of the mail I have received in the past 1 1/2 weeks though.
I love this beautiful "Vintage Farms" deco my friend Kirsten made for me as part of a swap.
Another pretty deco I received from a swap partner, the theme: "Vintage Jewelleries/Accessories.
A swap of HQFBs from Iris in Hong Kong.
A swap of craft supplies and a "Vintage Nature" (upper right corner) deco from the same swap partner.
I thought I'd also post some photos of the day we spent at the amusement park "La Ronde" in Montreal last Tuesday.
No, we didn't go on this ride.  Goodness!
Jeffrey (with arms stretched out) went on this tamer version but Noah wouldn't, he doesn't like heights too much.
Be back soon!

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