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Saturday, August 4, 2012

And more mail!

Hi all!  It is so incredibly hot here.  Goodness!  It was 38 celcius today and it isn't much cooler tonight.    But, who's really complaining since winter will be here before we know it.  Just the thought...ugh!  Anyhow, this has been one of the best summers I can remember having in a very long time.  I've really been enjoying myself and relaxing.  I'm a happy person.  Okay, and now on to the mail.
I received this beautiful letter from my friend Lone in Germany.  I always love reading her letters.  She also included some decos, pretty crafting papers, photos and postcards.
I also received this lovely postcard from my friend Reiko from Japan.
Here is a lovely deco swap I received.
The same swap partner sent a "Suzy Zoo" deco she made.  It's adorable!
I received more decos from another swap partner.
The same swap partner made this "Vintage Umbrella" deco and sent it to me.
I made this "Vintage Ballerina" deco in June 2011 and it was just returned to me.  Check out the entries below, they are beautiful!
Artist: Manu from Germany.
Artists: Sigrid from Germany (above) and Lone from Germany (below).
Artists: Ludmila from Jordan (above) and Sylvia from Germany (below).
Artists: Marina from Jordan (above) and Merel from Finland (below).
And, I shall leave you with the image of Mustang and Subaru sleeping.  Goodnight!

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  1. ohhh you didnt get mine yet :( It was sent on July 25 th I guess...It's supposed to be there very soon! I like all your mail, even the cats!! Soooo adorable :D
    Hugs from Buenos Aires ^^