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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Vacation time!!! :)

Wou-hou!!! We're leaving for Barbados on Tuesday morning at 6:00am. Noah and I have just started packing for our trip to Barbados and Washington, DC. We'll stay 1 week in each destination. We're staying at my in-laws in Barbados and then at their other house in Maryland, right outside of DC. It'll be nice to get away, relax, see some sights, do some shopping... I'll be back on August 10th and will post photos some time that week. But, before I go here is the mail I received from my wonderful friends and swappers last week.

A Coffee Deco from my friend Margaret in Scotland.

A great letter and FBs from my friend Ria from Trinidad.

Another great letter and FBs from my friend Stefanie from Switzerland.

An adorable Hello Kitty Deco from a group swap.

Some beautiful Flower FBs from a group swap.

Beautiful Horse FBs from a group swap and the artist also happens to be my friend and pal Astrid from Sweden.
Hoping you all have a wonderful two weeks!

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