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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Overwhelming emotions!

It's been a couple of weeks since I have posted because I haven't been feeling my best at all, not really physically, but emotionally. I seem to have lost virtually all motivation for everything and I just feel like sleeping and being left alone. I seek the quiet and comfort of my blankets. I know of one reason why I am feeling this way and I would like to share it with you, just to get it out of my being. As those of you who follow my blog know, my son Noah is mildly autisitc. It seems that lately we have been faced with so many people who are ignorant and lack human compassion for those who are different. It is very draining and frustrating to continuously have to deal with society's intolerance to what is different. I, myself like what is different and have no interest in ever fitting into a mold society has made for me. I am proud Noah is my son and he is his own person no matter how the specialists try to conform him to society's rules. Of course he has to live within this society so I know there are some basic rules we all have to follow and that's okay but he is his own person too. It is very tireing for me to have to fight these battles with stupid people but I must for Noah since he can't yet. We are fortunate he is in a wonderful school and has amazing people working with him but I found out on Friday some teachers and parents are putting pressure because they beleive Noah should be treated the same as the other children although he is handicapped (autistic). Right now Noah has special privileges because he is autistic. So, I have written a letter to those concerned explaining my position on such talk and politics. We'll see what happens!
So, thanks for reading and listening. I would like to share that I did receive some fantastic mail that cheered me up from Friday from a friend and fellow blogger, Beate.

A wonderful box full of friendship books. I love receiving such a huge quantity at once and looking through them. :)

I had participated in a contest Beate was having on her blog to name her pet snail. I suggested "Pokey" since it means to move slowly, mostly due to being curious. I won this wonderful lot of craft supplies. Thanks Beate! :)


  1. Hi Jacqueline,
    I hope that it worked that you wrote the letter to school!
    It is always hard when poeple don't respect your kids and treat them the way they should be treated, unfortunaly this world is all about being the best and being a winner. I think a real winner is someone who can be who they really are. ( i hope this makes sense, in my best English) Hugs Jolanda

  2. I know what you feel and I guess you know already everything that I would have to say in a situation like this. So... I am just sending you BIG hugs and... try to always be strong for Noah, the world will not change unfortunatelly... :( (PS. My letter is on its way to you, hopefully you will got it this week, if the post will work normally)

  3. Courage Jacqueline, & bonne Fête des Mères ! (new reader; discovered your blog recently)