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Sunday, May 16, 2010

A gorgeous day!

It was such a beautiful sunny and warm day. First we went out to our favourite breakfast restaurant. :) Then we drove to the farm for Noah's horseback riding lesson. I love going to the farm. While Noah rides with his instructor I usually walk around taking in nature and speaking to the animals. Today I also took a few photos to share with you.

There are always many geese in the area, either flying or on the pond.

There are two goats who are very spoiled. They both enjoy being fed by hand and I love watching them. They love people and always come up to us.

There is also one VERY large sheep. She is quite timid but very sweet.

And, of course let's not forget the kittens. I always feel like taking a few home but my old ladies wouldn't like it too much. Sigh! Aren't they just adorable?!

This little guy was quite shy and just stayed hidden until he heard his mama calling him.

Here's a photo taken in a quaint little town near Sherbrooke called North Hatley. Jeffrey works at the seniors residence there and Noah always wants to drop him off. Today Jeffrey was working so Noah and I decided to spend some time at the park and walking around. The home pictured above is right across from the park. There are so many beautiful homes near the lake in North Hatley. It seems so peaceful too.

Another scene from across the park. How wonderful it would be to just sit there to read or write.

We also stopped at the ice cream shop so Noah could indulge a little.

I loved walking on the very small but nice main street. I absolutely adore such stores with open doors and orginal items. I couldn't look too much because I was with Noah and he is always all over the place. He probably saved me some money. Ha! These types of stores in tourist areas are always VERY pricey.
Hope you all had a lovely day and weekend!

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