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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Decos, shopping and mail oh my!

Hello all!  It is the end of the weekend sadly but at least I was able to rest and I'll enjoy this evening writing letters.  This past week was a little lighter work-wise since it was spring break here so many of my students didn't have English classes.  Now it's back to the regular schedule, but with spring right around the corner it seems easier somehow.  I did get some decos done this weekend but not as many as I had hoped, unfortunately.  Here are some of the ones I did last weekend.
A "Vintage Pets" entry I made in a "PAP Vintage" deco.
An entry I made for a "Wild Wild West" deco.
An entry I made for a "French Vintage Ads" deco.  I was the last entry so it is on its way home.
An entry I made for a "Pooh" deco.
An entry I made in a "Forever Friends" deco.
A "PAP Vintage" deco I made.  I love Normand Rockwell images so I chose one for my cover.  I also love Christmas.
I also did a little shopping this past week.  Here are a few items I bought.  I am not showing everything I bought since some are for swaps and birthdays.  
I bought some cute circus stickers (love them!), vintage stickers for decos, lace and sticker ribbon for decos and pretty roses, also for decos.
Since it was spring break for Noah we drove to Vermont, USA for lunch and a little shopping.  I bought a few things including Easter stickers and some of my favourite candies called "Sugar Babies"  They are caramels and so delicious.  We can not buy them in Canada.  I have fond memories of eating them as a child when my parents and I went to the beach in the USA.
I had a very quiet mail week.  Besides the regular crappy mail (bills, ads, etc) I only received two fun and nice pieces of mail.
I had been waiting for this letter from my friend Molly from USA for over a month.  It's funny that it took so long to reach me considering we only live at a 3 1/2 hour drive from each other.  Anyhow, it finally arrived.  It was such a great letter as always, and she included two Valentine's Day cards (one for Noah and one for me), some chocolate, FBs, photos (which included some from our visit), and stickers.
I also received a swap of decos which are really nice.
Take care everyone and enjoy your week!  :)


  1. Great work what you have got overthere :) I love everything what you have made, got and bought, hehe :)

  2. I must tell you that I did not started my new letter to you yet :( - I am so terribly sorry for being slow! I plan to write it this weekend, so... I will let you know in which measure will I succeed. Sending you love and beautiful spring vibes!

  3. I always enjoy your blog entries. You have such lovely mail and things to share. OH MY!!! I just picked up the same exact bunny stickers recently. I thought they were soooo cute. I was going to also send some to you but you already have them. LOL!!! I have a bunch of goodies to send you that I have been collecting since Christmas. When I am able to send them you will have a variety of fun stuff to enjoy. I can't wait to go back to work as I will be able to shop more and do all the things I haven't been able to do living on this budget. UGH!!! I return to work on April 16th. Time is flying by quickly but I know I am eager to go back to work and feel worthy again. XOXO.