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Thursday, February 25, 2010

FBs & mail!!!!!!!!

What can I say, it's still gray weather. I know I've been fixated on the weather lately but I am in some desperate need of sunshine. Yesterday we had a small snowstorm, the first of the season. Ugh! I think snow is pretty at the beginning of the season, but not when spring is around the corner. Today it has rained and tonight we are expecting a mix of snow/rain with high winds. When will it end? I am so looking forward to feeling the warmth of the sun on my skin and seeing pretty flowers in bloom. Awe... Next week is our Spring Break so Noah and I will be looking for things to do outside of the house. We've been couped up for too long already. I have a few ideas already so I'll keep you posted. So, onto some FB and mail news.
I made 3 House Mouse FBs for a group swap. They are on their way to Norway. Hope my partner will like them.

I received the House Mouse FBs from my partner this week. They are adorable!

And, some mail news. I received this sweet and chatty letter from my pal Sarah from New Zealand. I certainly wish we had their weather these days.

Also a letter from a new pal Sharon from The Netherlands.

And, a wonderful letter from my friend Ria from Trinidad. She included a few FBs.

And, also a great letter from my friend Saara from Finland who recently got married. Congrats to Saara. She also sent a few FBs.

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  1. Dear Jacqueline, I mailed this morning my letter to you, a little late than I anticipated, but I explained in the letter all the reasons of my delay. I keep my fingers crossed to arrive safely this time and I hope you will enjoy everything that I enclosed. ♥