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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Sliding & mail!!!

Just a quick post to share a day of sliding with Noah in -23 celcius temperatures with windchill. On Monday Noah's class went sliding for about an hour and it was cold. The kids had fun and it was such a beautiful sunny day. Here are a couple of photos of Noah sliding. I wanted to take more photos but it was too cold. Tomorrow Noah has carnival day at school and it is supposed to be warmer than Monday. I'm sure they'll have a ball. Unfortunately I have to work. Sigh! It is winter carnival season here. On Saturday we'll go to a carnival in Magog, a neighbouring city. We like to go every year and it's usually a nice event. At least it gets us out of the house as we don't particularly enjoy winter.

And, some mail news. I was quite happy the mailman decided to show himself this week. Last week he was nowhere in sight and my box remained empty. Anyhow, so far this week I received this wonderful long letter from my friend Molly in USA. She also sent photos and FBs.

I received another wonderful long letter from my pal Isabelle from Switzerland. She also sent FBs.

And, last but certainly not least I received 4 beautiful decos from my pal Margaret from Scotland.

So, that's all she wrote for tonight.

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