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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Bracelet & mail.

Hope you're all having a wonderful weekend. The weather is still gray over here but I'm learning to cope. Ha! Now I have a leaking window so I've had to put a bucket, not fun. It means more money to spend on repairs but isn't that the way it is when you own a house?! Ugh! Well, it's not all bad news. At least we're a few more weeks closer to spring. Yay! On Friday evening I attended a jewellery making class. We made a bracelet and although I know how to make jewellery from previous classes I still learned a few techniques. There's always something to learn and we never know everything. It was really fun too! Take a look below at my bracelet.

My mailbox still remains rather empty these days but I did receive a wonderful letter from my friend Lone from Germany. She included a couple of postcards and lovely photos.

Now, I'm off to play Scramble with Noah. It's just the two of us tonight as Jeffrey is off to work. Ciao!

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