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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Creative mail!

Yet again we've had another sunny day! I'm loving it! I am so motivated to get things done when it is sunny. Today is my brother's birthday. He turned 33 and I decided to take him out to lunch which was nice. I then had to do some grocery shopping, pick up Noah from school and buy him some new rain boots. It was a busy day and I am looking forward to just sitting down with the cats and a good letter this evening. First though, I wanted to share some mail I have received so far this week.
This wonderful letter full of goodies comes from a new friend, Laura, from Romania. Well, we've known each other through blogging for a year already so not so new.

Laura is a very talented artist and I wanted to share one of her creations. She sent this Tag Collage book she made. I love the style.

Inside are tags on which each person has to create a collage. I had never seen one of these before and I love it. Looking forward to creating my entry.

Then I also received another great letter, photos, FBs and stickers from my friend in Belgium, Francoise.

And, finally, this is the Used Stamps FB I made for a swap which was supposed to be part of my last post but got deleted.


  1. Oh, you got it!!! *happy* :D Thank you for the compliment about my deco, you are too kind. I hope you liked my letter, although I am sure I was clumsy... I usually am... Anyway, I look forward to hearing from you, I hope I did not scared you or bored you or something. Well good night, Jacqueline, it is time for bed here. :)

  2. Your letter is ready and will be in the mail on monday!! Great mail btw!