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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Spring, it is not!

So I've been looking at other blogs where spring has sprung and getting grumpier and grumpier. This is the scene I woke up to this morning. It looks like winter forgot to leave and let spring take over. Grrr... I won't be writing too much here tonight because I have been sick with this cold for two weeks now. Just like winter it doesn't seem to want to leave. Both of my ears are killing me and I have such a sore throat. I can't sleep well at night because I can't breathe. I'm on meds but I'm not sure they're working either. However, thought I'd share some decos/FBs and mail before going to bed.
Here is a Vintage Working Women deco I made for a swap.

A Precious Moments deco I made for a swap.

This is supposed to be a PAP Vintage deco I made for another swap but I'm thinking it doesn't look vintagy enough. I just love the image of the cats and wanted to use it.

A Vintage Gypsies deco I made for a swap.

A Victorian themed deco I made for another swap.

An entry for a Holly Hobbie deco.

An entry for a Bears deco.

Vintage Children FBs I made for another swap.

Vintage Gypsies deco and PAP Vintage deco I received from a group swap.

A wonderful letter and FBs I received from my friend Ulrica from Sweden. I LOVE the Tilda stickers she used throughout her letter.

Another great letter and photos from my friend Stefanie from Switzerland.

A fantastic swap from my friend Johanna from Finland. She sent craft supplies, FBs, decos.

Another wonderful letter from my friend Heegene from Korea. She sent FBs, a deco, photos/ info. and postcards from where she lives.

Look at the beautiful stamps Heegene put on the enveloppe. What a pretty enveloppe!

And, a great letter from my friend Patrizia from Italy. She included stationary/note sheets, stickers and FBs.

And, that's it from me as I'm off to bed now. Zzzzz...


  1. Nice mail And crafts you've got there! I especially liked the Victorian Themed Deco! Well done!

  2. Thanks Mir! I love receiving nice mail but sometimes the mailbox is empty. :(

  3. Yeah I know, here too =/

  4. Aww that's cute. Lots of decos and pretty mail.

    Thanks for joining my swap! x