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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Animal habitat, mail & cats.

What a gorgeous weekend it has been. The weather has been just perfect. I think spring has finally fought off winter and taken over. Yay! And, I have finally gotten over my cold and other ailments. Double yay! I've had a fairly good week over here, busy as usual. I've started spring cleaning and I've realized it is going to be a BIG task. I also want to do some painting and re-decorating. The decor in this house has been driving me crazy for a while now so time for a change. Isn't it funny how we feel so up for change in spring?! I have some photos I would like to share with you before I start rambling on. He! He! Below is a squirrel's habitat Noah made at school. I think it turned out so nicely and I am a proud mama. You can see the figurine of the squirrel by a pond with fish in the forest. In the sky there is an owl (not seen in photo) waiting to pounce on the squirrel, and then in the bushes a sly fox waiting to feast as well. Cute little story and habitat. :) I received a little mail this week. It's always a pleasure for me to find something fun in my mailbox. When it is empty I feel rather sad and look forward to the next day.
I received such a wonderful letter from my friend Laura from Romania. We swap craft supplies, FBs and decos. I love discovering the little treasures in her enveloppes. Her letters are always such a pleasure to read.

I also received a swap of vintage craft supplies. I love the nice assortment and all will be put to good use.

The same partner also made this vintage themed deco as part of another swap.

I also received this cute Easter card from my friend Lone from Germany. Reminds me I need to get started on my Easter cards.

I found these beautiful Prima flowers on sale at my favourite craft store. I just love them. They are gorgeous.

And, to finish off an adorable photo of my babies Subaru and Mustang. They are sleeping on the washer and dryer. They get comfortable almost anywhere. What sweethearts! Love them!

Have a nice week everyone! :)


  1. Opening up pretty mail is always something I love. It makes me squee with joy. And you have lots of lovely supplies to create with.

  2. The squirrel habitat is so creative! :) And I am always melting when I see those awesome kitties of yours!!! ♥

  3. Awwwwww the kitties look so snug!

  4. Hi, my name is Annika and I was wondering if you can help me out! I have a huge amount of decos here at home, yeah fbs too, and I have no time doing them and send them off! If you want to help me out give me a reply on I would really appreciate if you want to help me! I live in Sweden!