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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Mail call!

Well, hello all!  It's been a while and that is due to starting up with work again.  It's been a hectic two weeks and I'm happy the weekend is almost here.  I'm slowly getting into the school routine again.  As some of you already know I also have my own business of teaching English as a second language during evenings and Saturday mornings.  Well, my schedule is already full.  Of course I'm thrilled.  :)  I've been so busy though that when I am finished teaching in the evenings I am too tired to do anything else.  Hopefully it will pass and I'll regain my energy once the routine sets in.  Okay, and now onto some mail talk.  
Last week I received a lovely letter from my friend Kirsten from Germany.  We also swap craft supplies and decos (seen in photo below).
I also received a letter from a new friend, well we already knew each other but weren't pals yet, Stephanie from Florida.  She also sent FBs and a swap of craft supplies.
I also received this nice letter and postcard from my friend in France, Christine.
A lovely letter and extras from my friend Sari from Finland.
Another great letter and postcard from my friend Nathalie from Luxembourg.
A pretty deco from a group swap partner.
A very beautiful and lovely letter from my great friend Rosita from Finland.  She included craft supplies and a postcard.
This week I have received a lot of wonderful mail since it was my birthday yesterday.  I'll post about it during the weekend.  :) Now I'm off to bed.  Zzz...

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