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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Incoming mail!

Hello all!  Hope you're all having a nice weekend!  The weather here is quite mild.  I even have the doors open to let in some air.  The cats are thrilled of course to sniff the fresh air.  In three days it'll be Halloween and hopefully we'll have some nice weather although the forecast calls for rain.  It would seem the huge "Frankenstorm" will not affect us very much.  :)  I've had a very happy mail week.  My mailbox has been rather full everyday which has been nice.  Unfortunately though I haven't been able to answer many letters or do any crafting due to pain in my lower back again.  It's really annoying.  I can hardly sleep at night.  Today I bought a special belt to wear and it's supposed to help reduce the pain.  I'm hoping it works.  Anyway, onto the mail.
I received this gorgeous Halloween card from my friend Rosita from Finland.  She always makes the most beautiful cards.
Take a look at the pretty postage stamps Rosita put on her envelope.  Finland always has beautiful stamps.
I received this wonderful letter from my friend Lone from Germany.  She used such cute Halloween paper for her letter too.  She also included photos, postcards and decos.  I love the Halloween postcard (bottom right).
Another great letter I received from my friend Saara from Finland.
A "Snoopy" deco I received from a group swap partner.
Another letter from my sweet friend Beate from Norway.  She also included some FBs.
Take a look at this beautiful rubber stamped deco from a group swap partner.
Another lovely letter from my friend Maria from Finland.
A wonderful selection of decos from a group swap partner.
More decos and some pretty sheets of paper from another group swap partner.
More decos from another group swap partner.
More lovely decos from another group swap partner.  I guess I have quite a few decos to keep me busy.
And, now I'm off to hang some laundry outside and then take a nap.  Hopefully I can sleep a little.


  1. Aww I loved the Halloween card from your Finnish pen pal!

  2. I am checking out if I can post comments again...

  3. I too like the finnish stamps, but ... I guess most of all I like the UK stamps. Margaret always seems to manage to find the loveliest ones! :)