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Sunday, October 16, 2011

On a lazy Sunday...

I started the day by napping with the cats, Subaru and Mustang.  Lucky me I slept until 11:00 am while Noah and Jeffrey watched TV.

I did a little baking.  I made some delicious apple crisp and

some brand muffins to take with me to work for breakfast.  I often have no time to feed myself after making Noah's lunch and getting myself ready in the mornings.  Stopping at the bakery everyday for something to eat gets pricey after a few weeks.

Then it was time for some crafting on my messy craft table.  I have a very tiny space to work on.

Here is one of the decos I created and actually really like.

I also made some materials for the classroom.  This is a parts of the body booklet in French.  

And, onto some letter writing.  I've been in such a writing mood these days.

And, last but not least to end my post, this week's mail.  I received this great letter from my friend Andrea from England.  It's so nice to write to a fellow cat lover.  We write a lot about our cats and their antics.  I love the Vintage Halloween postcard.

A couple of swaps I received from the same partner: "Harry Potter" and "Anything Cats" FBs.

Another great letter from my friend Karena from New Zealand.

And, an ATC supply swap.

I hope to post again before Friday but if not it'll have to wait until next Sunday.  Noah and I are visiting Molly and family next weekend.  We're hoping to spend Saturday in Boston and also go to the Pumpkin Festival if the weather agrees.  Have a nice week everyone!


  1. Hey, I guess I will have to put a pic on my blog now of my craft space....YOU ARE NOT ALONE!! LOL!!!! The deco you made is VERY nice as well. I still have not got the bug for decos yet:-) Maybe later:-) Have a great rest of the day!!

  2. Seems you had a perfect Sunday! Yummy apple crisp and muffins, two fluffy cats around and a table full of papers, projects, goodies, letters, decos received and so on..what else could be happiness!! haha..I love your flower pen!
    I hope you have a wonderful weekend in Boston! Hugs!

  3. Great deco and great muffins... I love muffins. :)The apple crisp looks delicious too. Sending you hugs, a kiss to your lovely cats (that-I-would-play-with-untill-I-would-be-beat :)) and I wish you a beautiful time at the pumpkin festival!

  4. Love seeing your cute cats and I have limited space on my table too coz' of my art supplies until my hubby has to buy a special cupboard just for my 'hobbies' as he would call it :)