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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Wool Festival & mail!

It's been such a gorgeous weekend here and I'm loving it. It's Canadian Thanksgiving and I am so thankful for a three day weekend. :) On Saturday my mother and I had breakfast and went shopping although I didn't really buy much. Then yesterday Jeffrey, Noah and I went to a wool festival. The location for the festival is actually an old wool mill turned museum. It was very interesting to visit and the grounds are beautiful. Below are some scenes of the wool mill and its grounds.

These little sheep were being shorn while we were there.

Noah and I in front of the entrance and gift shop.

Noah and Jeffrey in front of part of the mill.

Here I am sitting at the desk in the office of the mill.

There were also artisans selling their wares made of wool and other trinkets. This artist made some of the most beautiful handbags. I was really tempted to buy one but I already have so many handbags.

More artisans on the outside of the mill.

Along the paths we saw some alpacas. I just love these guys. :)

I did make a few purchases, I couldn't resist. Ha! Ha!

Some lavender soap and delicious mango chutney. We had such a lovely day at the wool festival. It was nice to do something as a family again.
And, now onto some creating and mail news. Here is a "Vintage French Ad" deco I made a couple of weeks ago for a group swap.

And, another deco for a group swap with the theme "Suzy Zoo".

I've had a really fantastic mail week with many letters from friends. Below is a letter from my friend Laura from Romania. She sent papers, embellishments, decos and a beautiful necklace with a cameo (upper right corner) as a birthday present. Wow! I was so surprised and honoured she would send such a lovely gift.

I also received a nice swap of fall coloured art supplies.

A wonderful letter from my friend Judy from England along with some lovely extras.

From my lovely friend Rosita from Finland I received a sweet letter and some of my favourite craft supplies from Tilda and also Matryoshka doll stickers.

A letter from a friend I had lost touch with, Sharon from Netherlands.

A letter, photos and FBs from my bestest friend Molly from New Hampshire whom I will visit sometime this month.

I received this "Animals of the Forest" deco, plus extra from a swap partner.

A wonderful letter, FBs and stickers from my friend Tomomi from Japan.

Another wonderful letter and FBs from my friend Susi from Austria.

Another birthday present and card from my dear friend Gaby from Germany.

And, that's it for now. Today will be a day of letter writing and swaps. Enjoy your day! :)


  1. I must say your photos from the wool festival is absolutely breathtaking!!! *DROOLS* I LOVE FALL and these pictures are perfect!!! I also want to say Thank you for all the lovely decos you sent me. I received them very quickly. Right now I am working on getting my Halloween mail art to you. :) Enjoy your day!

  2. Hi Jacqueline! I'm glad you had fun in the 'Canadian Thanksgiving', the pictures are pretty,I love fall and wait for it to arrive every year, it's my favorite season. I like to go to the mountains to see the fantastic view from there.
    You had received soooooo many letters, decos and goodies!Last week wasn't good for me, I only got 2 letters :/
    Hugs from NC!

  3. Hi Jacqueline :)
    I love all your pictures especially the Alpacas as I never seen one and as close as that before :) It's good to know that you had a lovely weekend :)

  4. Hello Jacqueline! Thanks for following my blog, I hope to make some new friends here and maybe even some new swappers and pen pals. I love going to farms, especially the ones that sheer for wool and that whole yarn making process is intriguing. Well, I hope you have a great rest of the day!!