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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Weekend in New Hampshire!

I'm back with a post about my weekend in New Hampshire with my friend Molly and family.  :)  Noah and I had such a fabulous time and it was rather relaxing.  We had planned to spend Saturday in Boston but then Molly's daughter Jadira wasn't feeling well so instead we went shopping and to "Chucky Cheese" for lunch.  We also went to the "Pumpkin Festival".  Let me share my weekend in photos.

Here is Noah in the evening at the "Pumpkin Festival".  We only stayed about an hour because it was so incredibly crowded.  It was also quite cool and drizzled a little.  However, it was so nice to see all of the carved pumpkins, especially all lit.  It's always so magical.

There were so many pumpkins and I wish I had been able to look at them more closely.

Bringing carved pumpkins to the festival, from left to right, Jadira, Noah, Molly and Diego.

When we got home Diego made us some delicious perpermint hot chocolate.

The kids had a wonderful time at "Chucky Cheese".  We had lunch there and the kids played with games and had fun in the entertainment area.  I think this type of place is wonderful for families but unfortunately we don't have any in the Sherbrooke area.  This bicycle was so cool.  When you peddled it went up in the air.  Noah loved it.  :)

Noah, Jadira and Diego playing a game.  You throw balls at targets on the screen.  Even I had fun playing this one.  I'm really not very good at these games.  When the game was over you got tickets and then you could exchange them for small prizes.

At the mall Noah wanted to make a stuffed animal at "Build A Bear" and chose this rabbit.

And, then it was my turn to have fun with shopping.  At "Barnes & Nobles" I found some pretty Halloween and all occasion note cards by "Punch Studio".  I also bought a mini book titled "Scaredy Cats".  It's really cute.

At the "Pumpkin Festival" there were craft vendors so Noah and I bought some yummy fudge (not pictured as we ate it all) and this star filled with such nice smelling spices.  Oh my goodness, it smells so nice I could sniff it all day long.

Back at the mall now.  We went to the "Disney" store which was so nice.  You just feel like skipping as soon as you enter the store.  Noah wasn't crazy about the loud music though so we didn't stay long.  The store is so nicely decorated and we just had to buy something.  We each chose a Christmas ornament which to me were a good price, 2 for $18.00.  And, the best thing about New Hampshire, no sales tax.  Yay!  In Quebec we pay 14% sales tax on everything.

Right across from "Disney" was the "Sanrio" store and I must admit I was a little disappointed.  I had expected more paper products and stickers but I did manage to find some things.

At "Michael's" I found quite a bit of things as always (photos, above and below).

Then we also went to "Hobby Lobby" (photo below) which I absolutely loved.  I just loved the doll and had to buy it to decorate for Christmas.  One of my cats, Subaru, thought it was for him as I found him playing with it so I had to put it away for safe keeping.  With Noah it was more difficult to look around but next time I'll spend more time browsing as I'll be on my own.

And, above are a few things I found at "Walmart".  So, there you have it.  Hope you've enjoyed a peek into my weekend and shopping.  :)


  1. Hi Jacqueline! I enjoyed watching your pics! Seems like you had a wonderful time with your friends and bought tons of cute things!!! I love going to Michael's and Hobby Lobby too. There are two more stores I like to go: Ben Franklin and AC Moore, maybe they have them in N Hampshire (Why don't they pay taxes? We do here in NC!). I was waiting for your post and really liked everything :) Hugs friend!

  2. Hello!! I enjoyed reading about your trip. We don't have any sanrio or kawaii shops here. We do have the Buildabear and Disney shops in our mall, and yes, both are very expensive. Those pumkins were very cool!! Glad you have a great time here in the States! Have a great day!! P.S. Excess not here yet, I'll let you know when it is:-)

  3. Wooow awesome all these pumpkins together :-) I wish I could have seen them! I can see that you had a nice time :-)