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Monday, November 7, 2011

Halloween Crafts and Shopping !!!!!

Hello all! :) I hate to put so much into one post but I just haven't had much time in recent months to do more than one post a week. I have been so incredibly busy with work and then dealing with Noah's school as there have been some issues. I keep getting new students to teach in evenings as well so my spare time is limited. I am enjoying being busy again and it has given me a new energy. The only down side is I'm lacking in "ME" time which I don't like at all. Anyone have any advice on how to balance it all?! This past Monday was Halloween so we went "Trick or Treating" and Noah came back with a bag full of loot. It was such a gorgeous evening for walking.
Noah dressed up as a cowboy.

Some decorations we saw while "Trick or Treating."

I have finished quite a few swaps in the past couple of weeks but I only remembered to take a photo of this "Vintage Halloween" deco I made. The others I hurried and got them ready to mail.

I finally finished painting this flower design on a tea box. I thought I could take painting classes in the evenings, but soon realized with such a busy schedule I was too tired.  Instead, I decided to take private painting classes with my teacher on Friday afternoons.  
And now, onto some mail news. I received the most GORGEOUS envelope in the mail last week sent to me by my friend Jessica from California. We did a Halloween Mail Art swap.
Take a look at the goodies she sent

I received a few swaps this week as well.
Some Christmas cards and decos from a swap partner.
A "Anything 1920's" deco, "Tilda Magnolia" deco and "Sites of France" deco, from the same swap partner.
More decos and FBs from another swap partner.
"Cute Characters at Halloween" FBs and stickers in a Halloween bag from another swap partner.
Two gorgeous "Vintage Halloween" ATCs from another swap partner
"Vintage Halloween" deco from another swap partner
A "All for Manu" deco from another swap partner.
More FBs from another swap partner.
A fantastic letter and postcard from my friend Helen from Finland.
Another great letter and FBs from my friend Saara from Finland.

Another wonderful letter, photo and card from my friend Renata from Germany.
Another fantastic letter from my friend Lone from Germany. She also sent a fabulous travel report and postcards, decos and FBs
Isn't this Christmas ball gorgeous? My painting teacher made it and I loved it so I bought it for only $10. She's having her annual Christmas art sale next weekend. I can't wait to see all of her treasures.
Here a few things I bought recently. I always seem to find something. I love finding craft supplies and now it's Christmas, one of my favourite holidays. :)
More craft supplies I purchased recently.
Phew! This has really been a long post. I hope to be back in a couple of days to post about the weekend. It was Noah's 10th birthday. :) Catch you later friends!


  1. Jacqueline! I love your posts for several reasons: I like pictures, enjoy reading about your time shared with Noah, family or friends and I really love to see what you have received, which always is a LOT and everything is beautiful! How many envelopes do you get a day? How do you store all the goodies, letters, decos etc?

    I agree with you, this is my favorite time of the year too. It makes me happy :)
    Hugs from NC!

  2. Thanks for visiting my blog so often. I also love blogs with photos even though mine are not the best quality. Some poeple have such nice photos-sigh! I don't usually get a fixed amount of mail in a day, some weeks I hardly get any mail. Today I got three enveloppes which contained swaps and a letter. Sometimes I only get swaps too. The craft supplies I receive I put in my craft room to use, letters go in a box once I've answered them and decos/FBs I keep in a pretty box until they are ready to be put with a letter/swap. I must really emphasize how much stuff I have and I need to clean and organize it, but I don't seem to find the time these days.

    Hugs back to you from Quebec!