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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Mail post!

Hey all!  Here is a mail post!  I haven't received much mail in the past weeks because I haven't sent much.  I haven't had much time for writing lately which really annoys me.  I'll have two weeks off during the Christmas holidays and I plan on doing A LOT of things including, writing, writing, writing.  I have already received some Christmas cards and presents.  The cards I always open whereas the presents I put under the tree until Christmas morning.
I'm not sure why some of my photos are coming out dark.  I bought a new camera some weeks ago and I need to fiddle with it more but I just haven't had the time.
I always hang my cards on a garland my mother knitted and decorated with knitted mittens.  Noah loves seeing new cards on the garland.
I received this wonderful swap of winter craft supplies and a pair of cozy socks within the last couple of weeks.
I received a great letter, vintage Christmas images and address labels, stickers, ink stamps, FBs and cards from my wonderful and dear friend Rosita from Finland.
I received this lovely card and FBs from my bestest friend Molly from USA.
This sweet girl Mona from one of my swap groups was offering stickers and I was lucky enough to answer her e-mail first so she sent them to me.  They are really cute!
A swap of FBs from a group partner.
I received these beautiful Christmas ATCs and Christmas card from another group swap partner.
I love this Christmas vintage ATC and card I received from another swap partner.
I received this wonderful letter and photos from my great friend Reiko from Japan.
I also received this wonderful swap of beautiful "Tilda" and "Anything Asian" decos from another swap partner.  She included some pretty ribbons and a postcard of New York City.  How sweet of her!
I received this great private swap from my friend Johanna from Finland.  She sent decos, FBs, papers, note papers and vintage images.
And, finally, I received this lovely postcard from my friend Susi while she was visiting Vietnam.
It's always nice to receive such wonderful mail.  I hope to be back soon with a crafting post.  Stay tuned my friends!


  1. The garland is beautiful! Great idea :D
    Jacqueline, you said you didn't received much mail but what you got is amazing!
    I hope my letter reaches you this coming week!

  2. I just love that Hello Kitty FB!! I just followed your blog by the way, mine is about similar stuff (pen palling, postcards etc) would be cool for you to check it out :D

  3. Great mail! I am a bit envious, my mailbox was quite empty lately... :( I have a couple of swappers who did not swap back since last year and I am seriously thinking to replace them, because it happens to me to see here, in your blog, or somewhere else that they do keep on swapping, but not with me anymore. So, I guess if one is not interested, I must respect that, don`t I? :)

    I hope you are well these days, my dear, and you can find a little time to enjoy the beginning of winter. I am a bit slow myself these days, with writing and all, but, like you, I plan to catch up during my vacation. By the way, I will mail you something, someday next week. Just a little something, which I hope you will like. :P