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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Weekend, crafting and mail!

Hello all!  Wow!  I've had such an incredibly nice weekend just relaxing and enjoying myself.  The only problem is it wasn't long enough to do everything I had planned.  The weather has also been fabulous, more like spring than fall/winter.  We've only had one snow fall so far and it only stayed on the ground three days.  I love it!  On Saturday we went to Noah's Christmas Bazaar (at his school) and bought some delicious baked goods, as well as a few other things.  In the afternoon I took a really long nap and felt quite rested.  Then today we went to the outdoor Christmas market here in town.  It was such a gorgeous day out.  The market is really nice this year, with a ferris wheel and quite a few artisans.  We also had a nice lunch there.
Noah and Jeffrey as we were going higher on the ferris wheel.  Noah was a little scared.
As you can see from the view, no snow in Sherbrooke yet.  :)
Me and a nutcracker in the lovely sun.
Jeffrey's lunch, a panini and a salad.
My lunch, a Greek salad.
I bought this gorgeous handcrafted necklace for myself.  I plan on going back next weekend to buy a few Christmas presents and a pottery butter dish since I recently broke mine.
I had a chance to make some decos this afternoon but I only took photos of the two below.
I also received a few wonderful pieces of mail this week.
A wonderful letter (photo above) and goodies (photo below) from my new friend Maria from the USA.  The mannequin shape is actually the letter, really creative, isn't she?!
A great letter, Christmas card and FBs from my friend Victoria from Italy.
A beautiful handcrafted Christmas card from my one of my bestest friends Rosita from Finland.
A great letter and FBs from my friend Margaret from Scotland.
A Christmas package swap and "Vintage Telegraph/Mail" deco from a group swap.  I haven't opened the package yet, might wait until Christmas.
I bought this pottery set at Noah's Christmas Bazaar.  They had a section of used items you could buy.  It was only $2.00 and I love pottery items.  Not quite sure what I'll do with it though.
And, I bought a few items at my local craft store again.  Some items will be part of swaps.  :)
And, that's it for tonight.  See you again soon.  Have a nice week everyone!


  1. Hi Jacqueline! Looks like you had a wonderful Sunday at the Christmas market :) Did you ride the ferris wheel? Looks scary to me, I tried once long time ago o.O
    I enjoyed seeing the color of the sky in your pics! Seems like the weather was perfect.

    Awww...the deco you made, the one on the left is soooo pretty, I love the angel!! By the way, it's good to know my envelope is with you.

    Have a nice week :)

  2. Hi Jacqueline!! I would love to have gone to the Christmas market. We used to have one many years ago but it closed down. *SIGH* I'm afraid of the ferris wheel. It's one of the rides I never go on but I can always ride a rollercoaster without any hesitation. LOL!!! I think it's because the ferris wheel just goes round & round.

    What a great swap you received from Maria. The dressform letter is cute. I love the decos you received and created as well.