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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Mostly mail!

Hi all!  Here I am back and it is only two days later.  Wow!  I am having such a nice break from work.  I've been crafting and letter writing and it's been fantastic catching up on everything.  :)  I haven't been out much in the past few days.  I've been nice and cozy in my pjs in the warmth of my home.  It's been freezing here since yesterday afternoon (between -20 and -30 celcius) and before that it was pouring rain.  So happy I don't have to go anywhere.  Yay!  Below you'll see some ATCs I made for some swaps a few weeks ago but hadn't had time to post.
Here is a "Vintage mail" deco I also made a few weeks ago for a swap as well.
And, now onto some mail news.  I haven't posted photos of my mail in the past couple of weeks so hopefully I haven't forgotten anybody here.  
Here is a wonderful selection of decos from a swap partner.
I received this wonderful letter, photos of her sweet boys, a Christmas ornament and snowman craft from my sweet friend Kristin in USA.
A beautiful "Anything Vintage" deco with some extras from a swap partner.
A "Cute Characters in the Snow" deco from another swap partner.
Two pretty decos, "Morehead" and "Kitties" from the same swap partner.
Another fabulous swap of HQFBs and decos.
And, I just had to share this awesome bag I received as part of a Christmas present from my friend Susi.  I love it!
I recently received this deco all filled up and made by my friend Vanessa.  The theme was "Vintage Ads" and the photos below are the various entries.
And, to finish off my post a photo of my sweet and precious Mustang.
See you all soon!  :)


  1. Yay! I am so glad that you got it:-) I remember likeing that deco a lot. Okay, so I am really starting to miss decos now!! LOL! I just don't know if I have the money to start that back up:-) Well, I know I don' hubby does:-) he he:-) Anyways, I am glad you had some cool mail come in. Talk to you later!!

  2. Lots of fun mail!! I absolutely LOVE your Matroyshka bag!!! It's gorgeous. Did she make it for you? I'm always looking for matroyshka doll stuff for you. I love your vintage deco. SOOOO pretty.

  3. AWW..Another post! This is a Christmas miracle haha..or maybe a vacation miracle :D
    I love seeing your deco all filled up! Looks like a mini book, adorable!
    Enjoy your free time my friend! Thanks for your message, I'll reply to you soon :D